6 things an inspection might not catch

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Damaged appliances

Inspectors don’t always go over every nook and cranny of a home’s appliances. An oversight concerning the water dispenser on your fridge, for instance, could lead to a flooded kitchen due to a busted seal or a faulty ice machine.

Make sure your inspector checks each appliance for functionality to avoid any big problems later on.

Corroded air conditioning

If your prospective home’s inspection was performed in cold weather, it’s likely that a test was never run on the house’s air conditioner.

According to realtor.com, inspectors will often not perform tests on air conditioning units if the temperature is below 55 degrees in order to avoid damaging the unit. So if you know temperatures are going to be chilly, ask your inspector how they plan to check the air conditioner for any possible damages.

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Damp decks and porches

Water damage on decks, balconies and porches can lead to spending big bucks down the road, Bill Leys of Waterproofing Consultants told realtor.com. The costs from the damages can even reach $100,000.

“A deck or balcony can also have serious safety issues and be at risk of collapse,” he added.

Ask your inspector to investigate any cracks, rust or soft areas around drains in these areas to ensure you are not buying a money pit.

Leaky faucets

To properly check a home’s plumbing, your inspector will have to be thorough. From the toilets to the showers, every drainage pipe will have to be checked while there is flowing water.

A faulty shower pan in particular can be a pricy replacement, Kraeutler told realtor.com.

Ask your inspector what they did to check your drainage pipes and faucets to ensure that they were as thorough as your prospective home demands.