All 16 New ‘Masked Singer’ Cast Costumes Just Dropped, and We Need to Talk About the Baby Alien

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I know we’re all going through a lot right now, but the time has come to check in on America’s (other) national nightmare: The Masked Singer. It seems like just yesterday that the Egg and the Banana landed on the hellscape known as planet Earth, and yet somehow, we’ve already endured three entire seasons of the show. And now, it’s confirmed: We’re gonna have to deal with a fourth. Which means (a) a whole new batch of “celebrity” contestants who need to fire their PR people and (b) a whole new batch of foods/animals that’ll be forever ruined. Truly, I can never eat a taco again thanks to THIS clearly evil criminal mastermind:

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Because it’s best to keep our friends close and our enemies closer, here’s everything we currently know about The Masked Singer season 4.

Season 4 Will Air in the Fall

It’s officially official. The fourth season of Masked Singer will return to FOX as part of its fall TV lineup on Wednesday, September 23. It’ll be sticking to its 8 p.m. Wednesday night time slot. Sooo clear your calendar/cancel your plans.

The Judges and Host Will Be the Same

Some more good news: No one is replacing anybody this season. Nick Cannon will be hosting the show again, and Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy will return as panelists.

The New Characters Are…Here

There’s really no way around this, so since we must, here are the creations that will grace your nightmares TVs for the fall season:


I would like to formally apologize for ever complaining about the Banana or the Tomato. How naive of me to assume that was rock bottom. How naive!


Be honest, anything after the Area 51 monstrosity above is an improvement.


Look who’s here to Slytherin to victory. (Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop now.)


Here to stalk the competition, obviously.


The girl from The Ring growing up and joining a reality TV singing competition still isn’t the weirdest part of 2020.


How cool would it be if the show cast celebrity siblings or twins for this one?


If Elton John and my KFC crocs had a baby, it’d be this guy.


Am I out of it or are they kinda cute?


With Keeping Up With the Kardashians ending, lip kit queen Kylie Jenner needed to do something alright?


Petition for the Jellyfish to sing the Destiny Child’s “Bootylicious” lyric, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.” Otherwise, what is this whole competition even for??


Okay you’ve got to admit, this is pretty cool. (Spoiler alert: We already know who it is!)


Still not convinced this isn’t a Pokémon.


Truly no food is safe from this show.


If reality TV doesn’t work out, this giraffe looks like its got a great shot at playing Alexander Hamilton on Broadway.


The Moon was busy, so they’ll have to do.


Because what this show really needed was more creatures with “monster” in their names.

Viewers Will Be Able to Have a Say on Who Stays and Who Goes

Yup! We’ve got the power. For the first time in Masked Singer history, viewers will have the chance to vote on their fave performances. A certain group of viewers, aka Super Fans, will be chosen to be part of a virtual audience that will allow them to watch each performer from home and vote on who they’d like to move forward. Should be very interesting.

Production Started Super Recently

Taking all COVID-19 precautions, the show went back into filming on August 20. This means they had only a month to get the show runnin’ before its scheduled premiere date! Let’s hope that means it’s an absolute and total mess because…entertainment.

The New Cast of Celebs Remains a Mystery, But…

Fans are already nominating celebs in the comments section on The Masked Singer’s recent Instagram. Some notable ideas include:

  • Zendaya (lol, stop dreaming)
  • “a drag queen or somebody who is heavily involved in LGBTQ+ culture” (hell yes to this)
  • James Charles (def don’t hate the idea)
  • Billy Porter (he would never)
  • RuPaul (ain’t gonna happen)

Reminder: Here’s How the Show Works

If you’ve never seen The Masked Singer, RUN AND HIDE, IT’S NOT TOO LATE. But also, here’s how the show works: Each week, a fleet of people who identify as “celebs” perform onstage whilst wearing costumes that are almost certainly cursed. They’re then voted off one at a time until there’s just one last mask standing.

T-Pain won season 1, Wayne Brady’s head popped out of a stuffed fox in season 2, Kandi Burruss took home the season 3 crown, and honestly, who knows what might happen when the season 4 finale finally airs, but it’s sure to be terrifying.

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