How to Know When It’s Time to Give Up and Call a Contractor

Last year, my wife and I bought our first house, a 70-year-old Cape Cod with a little rot on the porch and a few cracks in the ceiling. Of the 14 windows, not one had a screen. The color scheme was pink and mint green. In real-estate parlance, the house had “charm.” We moved in the day we signed the papers.

We made quick work of painting and patching drywall holes, but the bigger challenges were the two upstairs bathrooms. The guest bathroom—specifically the shower—required immediate attention. The plastic stall had yellowed like a used cigarette filter. It had no doors. And when we finally got around to turning on the water, we discovered it drained freely into the room downstairs.

In an act of hubris, I decided to tackle the project myself. I wouldn’t necessarily do all the work, but I’d at least corral various handymen and save myself

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Free State club helps raise up new home | News, Sports, Jobs

Free State High senior Sarah Robinson cuts out a doorway Saturday at a Habitat for Humanity home under construction at 207 N. Comfort Court in North Lawrence. About 50 Free State students in the Social Awareness Club painted and hung doors and drywall inside the home.

It was education in action, as about 50 Free State High School students sawed, drilled, cut and hammered away their Saturday while helping build a Habitat for Humanity home in North Lawrence.

“It’s just a cool environment to be in a place where people have a common goal,” said senior Amanda Kong, who is president of the Habitat for Humanity branch of Free State’s Social Awareness Club.

Students, most of whom were members of the Social Awareness Club, worked in two shifts to piece together a home at 207 N. Comfort Court. They spent the day cutting and hanging drywall, and sweeping up debris

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Construction update for June 2020

Rifle Citizen Telegram flag graphic

The city of Rifle is slated to start several projects which will begin this month and carry through the summer.

Waterproofing project: The Ute Theater Foundation will dig up the existing foundation of the Ute Theater and waterproof the concrete to stop leaks. High ground water levels in the past have caused drywall and carpet damage in the Ute Theater. The project funded by a Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease Grant will stop continuous repair of the changing rooms within the theater, and will be completed by mid-June.

Road rebuilding and pedestrian improvements: A rebuilding project will improve the failing Fravert Boulevard and West Fifth to Fairway Avenue. A continuous sidewalk will be added up the hill to Fairway Avenue to provide a safe pedestrian corridor.  The project will begin mid-June and continue throughout the summer; 60% of this project’s funding came from the Garfield County Mineral Lease Grant.


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Electrician enlists a whole community to repair pensioner’s home for free

Electrician enlists a whole community to repair pensioner's home for free
LIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR: John Kinney and neighbours have ‘fixed up’ a pensioner’s home for free. CREDIT: Gloria’s Gladiators

A big-hearted electrician turned out to be a ‘light’ in shining armour when he enslisted the help of a whole community to ‘fix-up’ an American pensioner’s home for free.

WITH money tight, the 72-year-old homeowner Gloria Scoot, had been forced to let house repairs slide.

However, when an overhead light fixture went out, she knew she had to do something to avoid living in the dark and contacted electrician John Kinney.

There was no way Gloria could have imagined the impact her new ‘light in shining armour’ would have on her life.

Concerned about the extreme state of disrepair Gloria’s home was in, John couldn’t put her dire situation out of his mind and was determined to help.

Talking to CBS, he said: “No light, running water….it stuck with me over

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Letter: Poor response to protests does not show leadership | Letters

A new homeowner is going to hang a heavy picture on the wall. He picks up his hammer and nail and proceeds to drive the nail into the wall. It only goes through the drywall and stops. He never stops hitting the nail to discover that there was concrete behind the drywall. If he investigated to find out what is behind the wall, he would then understand the problem. He could then apply a different strategy.

In the same way, Donald Trump continues to preach law and order, vilifies protesters, etc. He does not seem interested to do the difficult task of fixing the problem that is causing the nail to continue to bend. He should, as elected leader, work for justice for all.

The calls for more police, more National Guard, encouraging vigilantes is just beating the nail into concrete. Working to ensure that all Americans feel they are

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How to Repair a Punched Wall | Home Guides

Everything from a swinging fist to a doorknob can punch a hole in drywall, leaving an unsightly blemish on the wall of your home. Fortunately, repairing a punched wall requires relatively minor home improvement skills and only basic tools and supplies. Rather than replacing the entire sheet of drywall, fixing damaged drywall typically means adding support to the punched area, then using joint compound to blend this section into the surrounding wall.

Holes Measuring 6 Inches or Less

Cover the hole with a drywall repair patch, which can be found at major home improvement stores. Choose a self-adhesive patch measuring roughly 2 inches larger than the hole on all sides. Peel the backing off and stick the patch to the wall so that it covers the hole.

Dip a putty knife in joint compound and spread a thin layer of joint compound over the drywall repair patch. Scrape sway any

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Mold is an expensive and dangerous problem. Here’s how to get ahead of it.

Chris McLaughlin, sales manager for JES Foundation Repair, a company that works on foundations, crawl spaces and basements in the D.C. area, says that musty, dank smell is usually the first clue that you have a mold problem.

“The thing is, most people don’t even realize there is a problem. They grew up with a moldy smell in their basement or closets, and they never really knew what it was or thought to do anything about it,” McLaughlin says. “But one day, someone comes in to do some work, and they start opening up drywall and they find mold all over the place.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that if you smell or see mold, you need to remove it as soon as possible — there are numerous varieties, but it’s not necessary to test it to see what kind it is — as it can pose

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Naples Inventor Captures the Attention of and a Founder of the TV show Shark Tank – Press Release

Naples, Florida – DryClip Corp is launching a new technology that will change the construction industry, particularly the drywall industry, for contractors, handymen, property maintenance, and simple homeowners.  The hands-on inventor, Mr. Harry Ruiz, has spent two years creating every aspect, from an idea and initial design to testing, redesigning, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and shipping. Recently, Ruiz was awarded a “Notice of Allowance”, granting him Utility Patent status on his invention, DryClip.

DryClip caught the attention of and their team of Product Managers.  One of’s Executive Producers is Mr. Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks on the popular ABC television show, Shark Tank.  Mr. Harrington’s team ran DryClip through an evaluation process. They were impressed by all the problems it solved, and the ease of use with remarkably simple installation, stating, “DryClip is one of the smartest products we’ve seen recently within the DIY category.”  Once

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DoubleTree Hilton in New Bern scheduled to reopen in November 2020.

Todd Wetherington
| Sun Journal

After being closed for more than two years due to damages from Hurricane Florence, the DoubleTree Hilton in downtown New Bern is scheduled to reopen in early-mid November, according to hotel management.

Along with the nearby New Bern Riverfront Convention Center, which reopened in October 2019, the DoubleTree Hilton serves as one of downtown New Bern’s main economic drivers.

The hotel has been closed since Hurricane Florence churned through the area in September 2018. Marty Matfess, chief operating Officer, SIG Management, confirmed Wednesday that repair work is nearing completion at the hotel, which received damage to 85 percent of its 171 rooms during Hurricane Florence and was forced to lay off most of its 115 employees on staff. According to Matfess, the Doubletree’s entire roof was replaced in the main building, as well as a sub-roof above the restaurant. The repair work has also included

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How to Hang a Picture

Whether you’re plotting out an expansive gallery wall or hanging a single piece of affordable artwork, it’s a relatively easy task the average homeowner can take on themselves. There are no power tools necessary — typically just a hammer, a nail, and a level.

But there are a few things you should know before you drive anything into drywall, plaster, or even brick — like what kind of hardware to use, how to choose the right height, and how to find a wall stud. The advanced planning is well worth the effort: It will save you from putting unnecessary holes in the wall, a mistake that can cost you both time and money.

1. Consider the wall surface

  • Drywall: If the wall you’re working with is made from drywall, you’re in luck — this is the easiest material to work with, since it’s an easy material to penetrate. Just be
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