Electrician Rallies Mass. Town to Rebuild 72-Year-Old Woman’s Run-Down Home: ‘A Miracle to Witness’

A Massachusetts community has rallied around an elderly woman whose home was in desperate need of repairs thanks to one courteous electrician.

a house with bushes in front of a building: Gloria's gladiators/facebook Gloria Scott's home

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Gloria’s gladiators/facebook Gloria Scott’s home

John Kinney was fixing a damaged light fixture at Gloria Scott’s Woburn residence recently when he noticed how dilapidated and run-down her home was, according to CNN.

“There was extensive plumbing damage, there was holes in the ceiling, raccoons were getting in,” he recalled to the outlet, adding how Scott, 72, also didn’t have running water and her kitchen sink was broken and leaking.

a house with bushes in front of a building: Gloria Scott's home

© Gloria’s gladiators/facebook
Gloria Scott’s home

“It was definitely a hazard. It was a rough condition she was living in and I noticed immediately,” Kinney continued.

After completing the job, Kinney went home — but he kept thinking about Scott, and how she disclosed that she lived alone and couldn’t afford repairs.

Because of that,

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Men’s Work-From-Home Fall Essentials List

As Summer is starting to fade like jeans in the sun, and Autumn creeps into the picture, there are some essentials, other than a facemask, that men should consider for the new work-from-home experience. With most of your ‘to-do’ going on at home, getting dressed for work these past few months has been a new endeavor for all of us. 

Some maintained dignity, but others (many others) have made little effort to uphold a visual standard for their appearance as a contributing member of society.

We let our hair grow and let our style simplify itself through the natural process of not having to go to a legitimate office or in-person meeting. The same shirt for days or the go-to Zoom

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3 expenses people don’t consider when they buy a second home

Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

As with any home, the costs of a second home don’t stop at the mortgage.

There are a lot of costs associated with owning a second home, and you’re responsible for anything that comes up. You’ve probably considered the costs of property taxes and HOA fees for your second home, and factored those things into your budget when deciding how much you can afford to spend on a second home.

But, there are some expenses you may not have thought of that will apply to your second home. Here are three expenses you should consider before making the leap to a second home. 

You may need to increase your life

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Working From Home Or Cocooning?

Key News

Asian equities had a mixed day as Australia outperformed and Japan posted small losses after coming back from market holidays on Monday and Tuesday. It was a relatively quiet night on the news front. Volumes were generally light as things get eerily quiet prior to the coming early October holidays. Hong Kong and Mainland China managed small gains as growth stocks, which had been kicked to the curb, were back in vogue overnight. Hong Kong volume leaders were Tencent, which rose +0.49%, Alibaba HK, which rose +0.83%, Meituan Dianping, which rose +3.05%, HSBC, which rose

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Are HomeAdvisor Repairs Covered by Home Insurance?

Imagine a freak storm that causes a large branch from an oak tree outside to snap and damage part of your roof. Your homeowners insurance policy, a coverage designed to step in financially to back you up in these cases, will cover the cost of repairing the roof damage. Your insurance provider will send out a “preferred contractor” to handle the repair. You may think they’re doing you a great favor, but in many cases, these contractors are looking out for the insurance company’s best interests — and not yours, seeking to do the job as inexpensively as possible. 

a man and a woman standing in a room: Carpenter talking to couple in empty room

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Carpenter talking to couple in empty room

The low-cost approach may be acceptable for some types of damages such as replacing a few roof shingles, but as for other situations such as damage to your gorgeous granite countertops in your kitchen or replacing your custom closet cabinets,

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How to avoid common and costly home renovation mistakes

Many of us are spending more time at home in 2020, which could mean having more time to take on home improvement projects. But home renovations aren’t just a way to fill time; you want the results to be worth the hard work. The key to any successful project lies in careful planning — including financial strategizing — long before the power tools come out.

Roughly 3 in 5 American homeowners (61%) have taken on home improvement projects since March 1, 2020, spending $6,438, on average, according to an August 18-20 NerdWallet survey conducted online by The Harris Poll among 1,414 homeowners.

Whether you’re outfitting your home with a new office or classroom, or taking on long-intended improvements such as painting or installing new flooring, here are five tips to help you make sure you’re heading into the right project, the right way.

1. Consider return on investment

Any project

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Ameriprise Insurance review: Car, home and life

A well-established financial institution, Ameriprise also offers auto, home and life insurance policies. It sells standard policies at middle-of-the-road rates. Ameriprise recently sold its home and auto insurance business to American Family Insurance. According to American Family, “The acquisition brings together two Wisconsin companies with similar cultures, values and customer focus.”

a car parked in front of a house: cars in a driveway in a suburban neighborhood

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cars in a driveway in a suburban neighborhood

Ameriprise auto insurance

Ameriprise gives drivers the standard selection of auto insurance coverage and discount options plus a few nice extras such as glass repair and stolen key coverage.


  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: Collision coverage pays for repairs in an accident, while comprehensive coverage applies to other types of damage or vehicle theft.
  • Liability: Liability insurance protects you if you cause damage to another driver’s car or physical injuries in a collision.
  • Rental car: You’re covered when driving a rental car.
  • Rideshare: Rideshare coverage is for
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Common Home Repairs – Simple Fixes You Can Do on Your Own

If you’re looking to flex your DIY muscles, you’ve come to the right place. Here are detailed how-to instructions for tackling seven simple home repairs, ranging from unclogging sinks and silencing squeaky doors to cleaning moldy surfaces and soaking up oily stains.

And all you need are a few simple hand tools, a free afternoon, and the willingness to get things done. Okay, let’s get started!

Clogged Bathroom Sink

home repair   clogged sink

Jasmin MerdanGetty Images

The secret to unclogging a bathroom sink is to use a two-prong attack, starting with an ordinary sink plunger, which, despite its simplicity, is amazingly effective at dislodging clogs. However, to ensure that the plunger’s power is delivered directly to the clog, you must first cover the overflow hole on the side of the sink. Otherwise, when you begin plunging, the plunger will just suck air in and out of the overflow hole, delivering no pressure to

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Parenting And Working From Home During A Pandemic? You Can Do It!

Jan Dubauskas is the Vice President of Healthinsurance.com.

Simultaneously working from home and parenting during a global health pandemic is a challenge none of us were expecting to face. To call it stressful is an understatement. It requires adapting to a totally different environment, learning new software tools and collaborating differently with colleagues.

Many of us are also working at home with a spouse or partner, who is experiencing the same real-time adjustments and stresses. While it can be exciting and refreshing to work alongside one another, it’s also a significant adjustment for both people. With summer coming to a close, many working parents are undoubtedly anxious for their kids to head back to school. But even that will come with new challenges, as most students will still spend a lot of time doing “virtual learning” at home.

In the spring, distance learning was difficult for parents and kids.

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This home upgrade might be a waste of money



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Tarek El Moussa of “Flip or Flop” fame now teaches novice house flippers his time-proven tricks on his new show, “Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa.” But as the latest episode makes painfully clear, some of his protégés need more guidance than others.

In the episode “Communication Breakdown,” El Moussa helps flippers Pino and Patsy with a house in Sylmar, CA. The house cost them only $375,000, but it may be more trouble than it’s worth. Between an expensive addition and a retaining wall that’s caving into the backyard, El Moussa isn’t sure Pino and Patsy will ever get a buyer, even with his help.

Yet in the end, El Moussa manages to turn this house around. Read on to find out how he helps these flippers save money on the renovation while not sacrificing style. His budget-friendly suggestions might inspire a few changes in your

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