Kitchen Design Ideas – Which?

Follow our simple kitchen design ideas to transform your existing kitchen or create a new kitchen that’s stylish and practical.

Before you start planning a new kitchen, the first thing to decide is whether you want to update your current kitchen or start from scratch.

Look at what you already have, and think about what you like and don’t like about it. It can help to draw up a list of what you want to keep, move or remove completely. 

If your kitchen layout already works well, you’ll save money by keeping things in the same place, particularly your sink and appliances.

In this article:

If you’re planning to move house soon, totally transforming your kitchen might not be worth it. Many buyers want to put their own stamp on a place, but they won’t want to replace a new kitchen. Refreshing it with cheaper updates might be the best

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7 decorating ideas for those on a budget

With high-end style comes high-end budgets – at least, that is what most people still believe. Well, today we’re sharing the good news (again) that even budget-friendly decorating ideas can still cause a style stir. It all depends on how you approach your interiors and what you already have. Let’s see 7 tried-and-tested ways to up your home’s style without blowing your decorating budget.

1. Stylish home ideas: DIY

a living room with a book shelf: 1. Stylish home ideas: DIY

© homify / Sarah Jefferys Design
1. Stylish home ideas: DIY

Although obtaining the services of a professional (such as an Interior Designer/Decorator, Landscape Architect, etc.) can mean first-class results, it also costs more. Thus, be very certain about how far your DIY skills stretch – sometimes one just has to close one’s eyes and fork out some cash to get the best possible results. 

2. Stylish home ideas: Rearrange your furniture

a living room filled with furniture and a large window: 2. Stylish home ideas: Rearrange your furniture

© homify / andretchelistcheffarchitects
2. Stylish home ideas: Rearrange

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Bedroom Ideas For A Relaxing And Tranquil Space – Bedroom Decor Ideas

Photographed by Maria del Rio.

No matter what you do in between, your bedroom is where you begin and end every single day. It’s your sanctuary — or it should be, anyway — and that’s why it’s so important to make it yours. Luckily, there are countless stylish bedroom design ideas that’ll help you do just that. Before you start tossing out furniture and knocking down walls, however, you might want to figure out which design plans are realistic for your particular space, budget, and abilities. 

Ultimately, when you’re redoing a room, you can break down your design plans into three categories: decorative, aesthetic, and structural. All of them have the potential to transform a room, but some are more dramatic (and more expensive) than others. 

We’ll start with decorative, since it’s typically the most accessible category. These are the changes that you can tackle in a single day, since

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Rebecca Regnier: COVID-19 inspires new ideas for homes – News – Monroe News – Monroe, Michigan

“An informal survey of my friends reveals the need for more than one office space,” Rebecca says about the work from home situation.

Has 2020 changed the way you look at your home?

A lot of people are rethinking the space they have and how to use it.

An informal survey of my friends reveals the need for more than one office space. A rethinking of “open concept.” Because now having a space to close off and soundproof walls so you can Zoom call quietly is making a lot of wish lists.

There’s always a desire for bigger kitchens, but these days it’s because we’re always in them. There’s also thought going into creative ways to use outdoor spaces during colder months.

And the need for better connectivity for school, work, and entertainment has become a need, not a want.

Experts, too, are pondering the way 2020 will impact the

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Living Room Ideas That Will Liven Up Any Space, Big Or Small – Living Rooms

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

When we hear the words “living room makeover,” many of us think a few cans of paint and a new sofa — and don’t get us wrong, those two things can work wonders. But creating a welcoming, tranquil space is about so much more than the colors and the furniture. It’s about combining practicality with aesthetic so you can enjoy living in and looking at it at the same time. 

Before you go down a rabbit hole of living room ideas you’ll want to figure out how much space you’re working with. Measuring a room beforehand can save you tons of headaches down the road: You’ll know how many buckets of paint to buy, you can compare your space to similar-sized rooms on the internet, and you can think realistically about that oversized coffee table — before you have a chance to get too attached. 


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3 easy upcycling ideas everyone can do at home

The upcycling message is practical, powerful and pretty clever.

“I really believe that waste can be beautifully upcycled,” says Max McMurdo, eco-designer and TV presenter. “Just because an item can no longer fulfill its original purpose, doesn’t mean it can’t work really well as something else.

“I started upcycling 18 years ago and people didn’t understand what I was doing, they thought I was a mad hippy!”

Chatty and fun, McMurdo lives in a 40-foot upcycled shipping container, which he converted into a floating home – and admits it’s the most ambitious thing he’s ever upcycled.

“It’s fantastic and I love it. I had the bright idea that if I’m telling people what to do, I must do it on the biggest scale of all and upcycle a home. My lampshades are old jelly moulds and my table’s a washing machine drum.”

If you take a look on Pinterest, it

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Food Design and Innovation MSc Part-time at Belfast 2021/22


Create the products that consumers want.


Do you have a passion for the food and drinks industry? Do you have big ideas that you want to turn into reality? In today’s fast-moving world, product life cycles are getting shorter and new product and process development is needed to remain competitive. Enrich your understanding of consumer behaviours and design innovative solutions to give customers what they want on the MSc Food Design and Innovation course.

You will gain access to cutting edge consumer insight data and facilities allowing you to bring your ideas from conception to reality. Tackling current challenges facing the food and drinks industry, this extremely practical course has the potential to add unrivalled value to your business by enhancing your innovation and management capabilities.

You will discover first-hand how consumers shop and what this means for your future products and business with our virtual shopping Consumer

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Michigan Homeowners: Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

This post is sponsored and contributed by a Patch Brand Partner. The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.

Turn your small kitchen into the favorite room in the house with these easy design tips.
Turn your small kitchen into the favorite room in the house with these easy design tips. (Shutterstock)

Are you unhappy with the function and style of your small kitchen? You’re not alone. Many Michigan homeowners are ready to turn their small kitchen area into a more functional family space. The good news is that even if you’re working with a small budget or have renovation restrictions, there are easy and smart ways to remodel your small kitchen and transform it into a beautiful space.

Use these six tips to update small kitchens and make them more functional:

1. Update Appliances

Updating appliances can make a big difference in the design of your kitchen. A popular choice for kitchen makeovers is stainless steel and energy-efficient appliances to create a

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Remodel Your Kitchen In Time For The Holidays!

A kitchen remodel is a smart investment in an older or outdated home.   While planning a kitchen remodel can be a major undertaking, the end result will provide you with a beautiful and functional space to enjoy for many years to come.   Here are 3 things to know if you’re considering a kitchen remodel in time for the holidays:

1.   A kitchen designer will offer ideas for functional improvements and beautiful design aesthetics.   “We’re knowledgeable about today’s trends for cabinet selection, design, and function,” explained Don Manning, Cabinet Design Specialist for Alexander Lumber.   “We work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure the kitchen design plan meets all your needs and objectives.”   Manning recommends selecting the door style and finish for all cabinetry first, then choosing flooring, countertops, backsplash tiles, and door and drawer pulls.   If the project includes removing loadbearing walls, the architectural review process could take

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Christina Anstead Tries a Totally New Kitchen Design: Will It Catch On?

Christina Anstead of “Flip or Flop” fame has made a name for herself with her modern coastal designs. But as is clear from her new show, “Christina on the Coast,” she doesn’t always stick to her signature styles. How does she do outside her comfort zone?

In the latest episode, “Boho Flair,” Anstead is working with Sabrina and Miguel, who want her to design the kitchen and living room in their Anaheim Hills, CA, home. They have a healthy renovation budget of $70,000, but their project comes with an unusual challenge. With some areas of the house already renovated, Anstead has to match the existing boho style so her upgrades won’t seem out of place.

While boho is not Anstead’s strong suit, she’s game to give it a try. Here’s how she manages to mix and match

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