9 best kitchen gadgets under $20 that you’ll use every day

As much as I love my kitchen workhorses — the giant wooden cutting board, measuring cups, microplane and razor-sharp knives — there’s also a special place in my heart for the smaller extras that I don’t strictly need, but that make cooking (and eating!) smooth as butter.

After singing their praises to (aka pushing them on) my family and friends, I thought I’d share info on these cheap, easy-to-clean favorites with you. They’re all products I actually own and use in real life and that are simple to incorporate into your cooking routine. Most of all, they’re versatile tools you can use daily (I do!), which means they’re not just inexpensive, but also high-value. Here are the tools I never want to be without, and how I use them.

Xujia via Amazon

The wide, saucer-shaped bowl, long handle and pleasant weight make these beautiful spoons perfect for almost everything —

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With Over-Extended Supply Chains Leading to Sky-High Furniture Costs, Can 3D Printing Save the Industry?

By Phillip Raub, CEO of Model No.

After months (and months) of confinement, there is a growing trend of city dwellers leaving the likes of New York and San Francisco for less expensive and greener pastures. As urbanites head for smaller markets, the ‘burbs and farms, the one need each of them will have is for more furniture. As a result, the furniture industry is slated to grow by almost 30% by 2027 ($650B).

While traditional industry players will surely benefit from this growth, it also presents an opportunity to radically change an industry that has failed to embrace more automated and sustainable manufacturing processes.

In the same way that you can easily build the car of your dreams or customize a pair of Nike shoes online, customers are looking for a similar method to order a desk for their makeshift office or a kitchen table that doubles as a

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discover the secrets of an artist’s family home

In part six of our Switch it Up series, we explore the gentle approach that artist Isobel Henihan has taken to a ‘living renovation’ in her home. Nestled in an idyllic setting near the sea in South County Dublin, Isobel lives here with husband Ben and their three children.

Moving into a new house is one of the most exciting milestones there is, and it’s not unusual to get caught up in the enthusiasm, going for the ‘what suits right now’ property without considering how the house may need to work differently down the line.

“When we first moved in our understanding of what we needed in a house was different to how it has transpired with three kids”

As children come along, space is at a premium, but there are ways that you can make your spaces grow and evolve with you, and you don’t have to spend too

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Sir, can I go and play in the mud kitchen? The fun-filled school with luxury flats attached

With luxurious modern bathrooms, spacious open-plan living rooms and panoramic views across the city, 333 Kingsland Road sounds like any other pricey block of high-end flats. Except that, where you might normally find sunloungers on a neatly landscaped terrace, this one has a “mud kitchen”. That’s because, rather than a private gym, cinema or other aspirational concept of the kind used to sell such developments, this London high-rise comes with the joyful chaos of a primary school attached to its base.

After five long months of no school, it is a nice surprise to hear the sound of (safely bubbled) playground games in full swing, and glimpse kids fooling around on the deck that hovers above the street. You might expect such a tower to have a swanky concierge at its base, but there instead you’ll find the school reception. Meanwhile, the roof of Hackney New Primary School is given

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Five top tips for a successful kitchen refurb

In a small survey we carried out last month, 48 per cent of people said they had been planning a kitchen refurbishment project since lockdown. It’s no surprise really. I know my family have been spending a lot more time in our kitchen over the last few months. Now more than ever, this area really is the heart of the home. So investing in it can be really worthwhile and, if done correctly, will add value to your home and enhance your quality of life.

Ed Rhatigan of Rhatigan & Hick has great advice on what to consider to set yourself up for a successful kitchen makeover.

Another example of a linear kitchen arrangement
Another example of a linear kitchen arrangement


When it comes to designing the best kitchen layout, a simple, linear arrangement tends to function better than the more traditional wraparound L-shaped and U-shaped versions.

“Years ago everyone wanted the kitchen table right in

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As COVID hits, Glenville couple adjusts renovation expectations

Categories: Fall Home

GLENVILLE — Ani and Zack Port were about to close on a house in Glenville when COVID moved in.

The couple was excited to find a home with more space for their growing family in a friendly neighborhood just blocks from Pashley Elementary School, where the two had met in fourth grade. The circa 1959 split-level needed some fixing up, but they were OK with that.

The closing was planned for the end of February. As the date approached, the Ports, who have a 2-year-old son and another child on the way, scrambled to get ready. They lined up a contractor to perform renovations, arranged for a place to stay while construction was underway and stashed stuff in storage.

Then, everything came to a screeching halt.

COVID-19-related restrictions turned their home-buying endeavor into a nonessential transaction. The closing was bumped to March. Then it was postponed again,

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The 10 Best Mixing Bowls No Kitchen Should Be Without

Any true chef or baker, whether a pro or amateur, knows the importance of finding the best mixing bowl. Scrap that—anyone who spends time at all in the kitchen, no matter how fleetingly, can appreciate the value of a good mixing bowl. These versatile kitchen must-haves make an appearance on a daily basis, whether you’re baking a cake, tossing a salad, mixing granola, or whisking eggs for an omelet. It’s important to find bowls that will last the wear and tear of daily use, even if their sole purpose is to hold potato chips while you watch Netflix. But with so many versions on the market, which mixing bowls can withstand the test of time and daily rendezvous with the dishwasher?

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best mixing bowls everyone should own, according to reviews:

What’s the best mixing bowl material?

Mixing bowls come in an array of materials,

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Best kitchen gadgets under $20

My kitchen is filled with workhorses that I take for granted: the wooden cutting board, balloon whisk, measuring cups, microplane and razor-sharp knives. But as I’m spending even more time cooking at home during lockdown, I’m coming to appreciate all the smaller extras that I don’t strictly need, but make my cooking life easier.

After singing their praises to family and friends, I thought I’d share them with you. These are all products I actually own and use in real life and that any home cook would be happy to have in their kitchen. They’re inexpensive, versatile, easy to clean and simple to incorporate into your cooking routine (no single-use utensils like an avocado slicer or tea infuser on this list, though no shade if that’s your thing). Here are the tools I never want to be without, and how they make the act of cooking more enjoyable.

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Renovation will help protect Springdale firefighters at Station No. 4

SPRINGDALE — The City Council has answered the call to protect the firefighters in the Fire Department.

The council on Tuesday night unanimously approved a $7,800 contract with Crafton Tull for architectural services to renovate Fire Station No. 4 on Elm Springs Road.

“We’re trying to help with the decontamination of our individuals,” Fire Chief Mike Irwin told the council. “And that’s become very different with our pandemic calls.”

Even without the threat of covid-19, firefighters’ exposure to smoke and burning of hazardous chemicals at fire sites and even the diesel fumes from engines and ambulances has been linked to cancer, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

The renovated space at Station No. 4 will include showers, washing machines and a new weight room to help protect its firefighters and get them ready more quickly for the next call, Irwin said.

“This will help improve response times for our

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Nestron Cube Two Is the Tiny House With Its Own AI Assistant

In recent years, tiny houses have seen a surge in popularity for the exact reasons mentioned above. To people of all ages, they’re proving irresistible for offering a combination of reduced costs, minimal footprint, freedom to move around, and an extra dose of something-else-than-a-regular-apartment / house.

The tiny house we’re going to discuss today won’t buy you freedom like trailer-based models, but it compensates for that with its own AI assistant. It’s smart, it’s tiny, it can be solar powered if you want, and it’s still very chic. It’s dubbed the next-generation tiny house: the Cube Two from Nestron. 

Nestron is a maker of tiny houses based in Singapore and China. It has two lines of models, the Cube and the Legend, and it’s taking pre-orders now on the former. The Cube line includes the Cube One, the smallest offer of all, and the Cube Two. C2 was officially

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