College Schooling at Home for $70,000, No Activities

Masked students at Ball State University, where more than 300 students have tested positive for Covid-19, in Muncie, Ind., Sept. 10.


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I understand Stephen Moore’s concern in “The Coronavirus College Scam” (op-ed, Oct. 2). However, in addition to the colleges, many parents are also to blame. Mr. Moore states: “According to one report, college students represent 19 of the 25 hottest coronavirus outbreaks in the country with some 40,000 positive cases recorded in September, so administrators are suspending or even expelling students for irresponsible behaviors like going to crowded parties. But what did college presidents expect when they invited students back?”

The bigger problem is when some of the young adults attending college aren’t adult enough to act sensibly when away from home and essentially on their own. Therefore, this is also the fault of too many parents letting immature children attend college, instead of getting a job until they are sufficiently mature to attend an institution of higher learning.

Mr. Moore’s son seems to be sufficiently mature. Well done to both Mr. Moore and his son.

Ellery Block

Westerville, Ohio

Let’s call it what is: $70,000 to go to correspondence school.

Harvey Lutske

Los Angeles

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Appeared in the October 7, 2020, print edition as ‘College Schooling at Home For $70,000, No Activities.’

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