Dreamy Looks We Love From Instagram

Whether or not you’ve been bingeing the second season of “Bridgerton,” something about the romance of spring inspires us to bring the vintage-meets-Regency era decor of old into our homes. Think interior designs that are dramatic, complex, and warm—much like a 19th-century love story.

And nowhere is creative, whimsical design more inviting than in a dining room. So now’s the time to spend some time around the table dreaming about what’s next in design, especially with the coming celebratory, sunset feasts of summer on the horizon.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, Instagram answered the call this week with trending decor that dishes out just the right amount of bohemian charm, from Grecian-inspired tables to rough-cast dishware. Here are five of our favorite dining room looks that you’ll want to buy, borrow, or barter for this week.

1. Macrame table runner

Are you looking for an easy way to add some old-world whimsy to your dining room decor? Then you just might like this macrame table runner from @mybohojunglebook.

“In this bohemian setting, the delicate detail brings a softness to the obvious hardwood table,” says designer Kim Allen, of StudioBKA. “The macrame piece is the yin to this table’s yang—the feminine to the masculine—further emphasizing the boho balance of nature.”

Get the look: Find the perfect macrame table runners on Etsy.

2. Vintage mix-and-match dining set

One of the best ways to cast aside tradition in favor of something more unique? Create your very own collection of dining chairs and a table from vintage finds like this inspired collection from @reshmakadvath.

“As there are no set rules in design, you don’t have to use a matching dining table and chair set,” says designer Aarika Rasekhi, of Aarika Rose Interiors. “A vintage mix-and-match dining set tells a story. And conversation pieces add a light-hearted, eclectic feel. That’s the beauty of this ensemble.”

Get the look: Start building out your perfectly eclectic set with this Lightsey counter-height dining table.

3. Rough-cast dishware

For a romantic dining room decor upgrade that functions on a much smaller scale, look no further than this rough-cast dishware set featured by @apalomaa_ceramics.

“Rough-cast dishware embodies a modern trend in farm-to-table meals and culinary experiences,” says Allen. “It’s textural, rustic, and represents natural, forged-from-the-earth elements. If we taste with our eyes, this dishware trend provides the complete experience for those of us who appreciate handmade crafts.”

Get the look: Add a few textural pieces to your dishware collection with this rustic ceramic set.

4. Grecian pedestal table

If you need a single statement piece to transform your dining room in the English salon dreams are made of, well, then, feast your eyes on this pedestal table from @homeliving5.

“Round pedestal tables are my favorite kind because of its practical benefits,” says Allen. “Dinner party guests never have to premeditate who to sit by, as eye contact and conversations can happen across the symbiotic shape. The absence of legs creates an opportunity for ‘more the merrier’ with nothing to get in the way of extra chairs.”

Get the look: Create the perfect dinner party ambiance with this Kerwin drop-leaf table.

5. Backyard floral arrangement

What would a romantic table be without some kind of floral arrangement? But you can skip the trip to a florist for this one—and opt instead for a perfectly imperfect backyard arrangement like this one from @escape_home.

“It’s an organic and cost-effective way to bring nature indoors for a centerpiece,” says Rasekhi. “Whether it’s on the dining table, entry table, or any table for that matter … it just works so naturally and beautifully.”

Get the look: Pair a few blossoming branches from your garden with this Joshua handcrafted vase.