KFC remodeling, Taco Bell closing permanently in Marshalltown | News, Sports, Jobs

The KFC/Taco Bell building at 3007 S. Center St. in Marshalltown is currently under renovation, and it will be a KFC only going forward. The restaurant remains open for drive-thru customers.

The former KFC/Taco Bell restaurant at 3007 S. Center St. in Marshalltown will revert back to strictly KFC, and the building is currently under renovation, according to general manager Chris Davenport.

The news comes as large dumpsters have been situated around the property over the last several days. Davenport provided a prepared statement on behalf of Central Iowa KFC Inc. regarding the situation.

“During the time when we relocated our KFC restaurant from Westwood Drive to South Center Street, the practice of having multiple brands in one building was seen as a positive. We purchased the existing Taco Bell and remodeled to allow for both brands, something we had done in several other locations,” the statement reads. “Over the years, that combination has been viewed less favorably by the Taco Bell brand, and they have decided not to renew the contracts of many of those restaurants, including this one.”

The statement goes on to explain that the company opted to remove the Taco Bell brand as they were contractually obligated to remodel their KFC to the newest image.

“This will make the restaurant much less complex and should improve the service and overall operations,” the statement concludes. “Please excuse the necessary issues with the construction process. We apologize to our many long-term Taco Bell customers.”

KFC will remain open to drive thru customers during the remodeling period.

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