Noi Is Hesitant About Moving in With Steve in First Look (VIDEO)

Married at First Sight Season 14 may have wrapped its reunion special already, but the story of its cast members isn’t over as a first look from the MAFS Boston: Where Are They Now Special teases what’s next for Noi and Steve.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the episode, above, Noi is hesitant about moving into a shared apartment with her hubby Steve. During the regular season’s run, Noi was vocal about the plan to keep her own apartment until she was comfortable, and during the reunion, she confirmed that the living arrangement remained in place.

(Credit: Lifetime)

Despite being happily married, she wanted to hold onto the special space for a little while longer and that didn’t seem to bother either of them during the reunion, but that doesn’t mean Steve isn’t trying to convince Noi to move in permanently. In the Where Are They Now Special, the couple tackles a home improvement project together as he tries swaying her to move in full-time.

The project in question is tiling the kitchen in the apartment they share part-time. “We didn’t take a before and after,” Noi says with brief panic, noting that they need to take a photo of the space before it’s changed. Steve is reassuring when he says, “Well, it’s still before.”

As Noi poses in front of the wall they’re going to work on, Steve snaps a photo and they get ready to dive into the task. “Noi still has six months on her lease at this point and I’m doing all I can to get her to move in before her lease is up,” Steve explains to the cameras. Considering she’s dropped hints about home improvement, he thinks this activity could convince her.

Will it work so easily? Check out Noi’s thoughts on the subject in the full clip, above, and stay tuned to see what’s next for the pair in the Where Are They Now Special when it airs on Lifetime.

MAFS Boston: Where Are They Now Special, Airs Wednesday, June 1, 8/7c, Lifetime