Orleans Parish property transfers, Sept. 7-11, 2020: See a list of home and other sales | Real Estate News

Below is a compilation of properties sold in Orleans Parish from Sept. 7-11. Data is compiled from public records.

New Orleans

District 1

Banks St. 4517: $355,000, Gayle Farrington and Larry Farrington to Amanda Elise Johns.

Baronne St. 339; Baronne St. 341: $1,775,000, Jon Vaccari Fleming and Stephen Fleming to Anvil South LLC.

Baudin St. 3916-18: $495,500, Pasadena Development Co. Inc. to John P. Moreci and Rebecca A. Moreci.

Baudin St. 4620: $575,000, Haley Goshert Sulser and Michael B. Sulser to David B. Akers and Rita Scheck Akers.

Coliseum St. 1765: $259,000, Louisiana Coastal VIII LLC to Joseph W. Lewis IV and Monica Stewart Lewis.

Coliseum St. 1765: $319,000, Louisiana Coastal Viii LLC to Debra M. Hensley and Phyllis M. Guedry.

Constance St. 1339 – 1341: $727,000, Lauren Ashley Owens Libby, Robert S. Libby and Russell P. Libby to Austin Durant Mozee Carr and Erica Grubbs Carr.

Magazine St. 1552-54: $900,000, M&S Condominium Properties LLC to Mag Ventures LLC.

Poeyfarre St. 920: $238,000, Shannon Leanne Millican McCoy and Shawn Patrick McCoy to Phyllis Muolo Tufano.

S. Alexander St. 136: $625,000, Gabriel King and Katie Owen King to Connor J. Bridges, Elizabeth A. Thiedeman and Elizabeth Thiedeman.

S. Jefferson Davis Parkway 305-07: $385,000, John F. Peterson and Sydna Goodman Peterson to 3839 Ulloa LLC.

S. Saratoga St. 1332: $287,500, Robert Haley Farmer to Brian J. Deshotel.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $124,500, Riley Thomas Adams to Clarence Narcisse Jr.

Thalia St. 4127: $255,000, Keoka Chantell Leach to Nichelle Marie Lewis Usher.

District 2

Cameo St. 7449: $346,500, Clarence Robert Holloway III, George Frederick Holloway, Pamela Holloway Randazzo to Ascani Investments LLC.

Catina St. 6743: $677,000, Paula Winebrenner Haslauer and Paula Winebrenner Laiche to Bart F. Palmisano Jr..

Colbert St. 6322: $849,000, G. Roth Properties LLC to Gerald McKinney and Shawn Avril McKinney.

Dumaine St. 2301; Orleans Ave. 2321-2323: donation, no value stated, Leyah Lange Chase to Dooky Chase Restaurant Inc., Edgar L. Chase III, Leah Chase Kamata, Leah Kamata and Stella Chase Reese.

Gen Diaz St. 6818: $255,000, Bahman Taji to Jaime Morataya Mejia and Leslie Sanvi.

Gen. Haig St. 6417: $810,000, Daniel Lund III and Elizabeth Rock Lund to Charles M. Bulathsinghala and Marie Shaner Bulathsinghala.

Gen. Haig St. 6731: $595,001, Helen Brewer Swan and Howard R. Swan to Diana Escobedo Romero and Matthew Bryan Romero.

Iberville St. 519: $300,000, Donald Navatto Jr. and Jennifer Vrahatis Navatto to 519 Iberville Street Unit 3 LLC.

Iberville St. 1930-1932: $375,000, Wells One Investments LLC to Kerry L. Ward and Lianna Mae Smith Ward.

Iberville St. 2116-2118: $300,000, Gregory A. Debose Sr. and Louise Randolph Debose to Chelsea Larkins Holmes and Wynton Holmes.

Iberville St. 5001: $515,000, Avant Garde LLC to Meghan Maslanka.

Jade St. 7461: $743,000, Larry E. Demmons and Stacey Noe Demmons to Hannah K. Scott Mowad and Ronald S. Mowad.

Marshall Foch St. 6153: $275,000, Cherie St. Germain Budo to Aimee R. Delbert and Thomas M. Delbert Jr.

N. Lopez St. 518: $365,000, Erika Pastel Bidlack and Ryan Lee Bidlack to Cheryl Narumi Naruse Gin and Steven Gin.

N. Scott St. 215: $298,000, Cameron Tyler Ward Coker and MacKenzie Lee Landa Coker to Madeline G. Kaplow, Margaret J. Kaplow.

Navarre St. 911-913: $487,500, Big Easy Foundation LLC to Alyce Michelle Richard Phillips and Paul Phillips IV.

Orleans Ave. 7046-48: $370,000, Joseph J. Collins to Daniel E. White Jr. and Mia Orr White.

Park Island Drive 1: donation, no value stated, Hamid Massiha to Hamid Massiha and Massiha Park Island Qprt.

Royal St. 1103: $1,000,000, Anna Marie Long Bastian to John Hatton Malta Walker, Joseph Woods Walker IV and Joseph Woods Walker Malta IV.

St. Ann St. 3119: $540,000, Archana Deepak Shingwani Chenevert and Christopher Aaron Chenevert to Charles R. Benson Johnson and Daryl D. Johnson Benson.

St. Peter St. 836: $196,000, Robert L. Tatum Jr. to Nathan D. Eckler and Shelley Baxter Eckler.

Topaz St. 974: $600,000, John B. Trask and Josephine Brown Trask to Bridget Ryder Hron and Joel Maurice Hron II.

District 3

Alba Road 4331: $245,000, Charlene Ivon Bourgaurd, Geraldine Cogliati Ivon, Patricia Ivon Konnecker and Syndey Paige Melvin to Lan T. Ngo Tran and Stan P. Tran.

Andry St. 1710: $20,000, Wws Remodeling LLC to Jorge Gomez Remodeling LLC.

Andry St. 513: $10, Cleveland Turner Sr., Shernell Javon Turner and Tracey Nicole Clipps to Antoine Investments LLC.

Andry St. 513: $10, Antoine Investments LLC to JW Development LLC.

Arts St. 1818: $162,000, Don R. Puebla and Rebekah L. Puebla to Jamie Ruth Dehlin.

Bartholomew St. 1808: $158,500, Anna Liese Dettmer to Christine M. Crabtree.

Benton St. 1813-15; Benton St. 1817-19; Benton St. 1821-23: $47,938, Caritha Williams, Eddie Lee Williams, Elaine Williams, Frances Burns, Janice Williams, John Williams, Tammy Williams and Thiogest Williams to Renovation Carrier LLC.

Benton St. 1813-15; Benton St. 1817-19; Benton St. 1821-23: $3,687.50, Jacinta Jade Williams, James Williams Jr., Kareba A. Williams, Kinshasa Kenya Williams Bass and Linda Marie Martin Williams to Renovation Carrier LLC.

Bright Drive 4835: $20,800, Regina Steward to Kevin Bennette and Trudy R. Bennette.

Burke Road 7629: $115,000, Stacie Blanchard Brown to David C. Edwards and Lynthea J. Edwards.

Cadillac St. 4229: $269,000, Todd J. Butcher to Corentyne Cottage House.

Caffin 1907: $9,000, Leonard C. Washington Sr. to Aaren Singleton.

Cameron Blvd. 5338; Curran Blvd. 11301; Flood St. 826; Majestic Oaks Drive 4522; Mandeville St. 2028; Marais St. 5443-45; Mazant St. 2315; Pauger St. 2401-03; Pauger St. 2812-14; Reynes St. 1421; St. Anthony St. 2217; St. Anthony St. 2219-21; Werner Drive 4820: $1,730,000, Cornell Pendleton to Irp LLC.

Chantilly Drive 4741: $215,000, Earline Rita Skillman and James Agusta Skillman to Chabre Monique Johnson and Ernest Arnold Jones.

Charlotte Drive 21: $266,000, Kristy Angela Hampton Harris and Travis Harris to Kaye N. Wrobleski.

Charlotte Drive 5362: $120,000, Randall Roppolo to Daphne Harmeyer Dominguez and Eduardo Dominguez.

Charmes Court 5011: donation, no value stated, Arie Lynn Hayes, Deidra Ann Hayes Warren, Hattie White Hayes and Marvin Hayes to Shedrick Hayes.

Chef Menteur Highway 25944: $315,000, Steven R. Milano to Allen Radkovich and Emilie Radkovich.

Chef Menteur Highway 7311: $95,000, Alisa Dena Ealy Derbigny and City of New Orleans to Wilson Shoe Repair LLC.

Columbus St. 1361: $95,000, Dennis Deboislanc Jr. to Nakia James and Natashia Parker James.

Congress St. 1726: $129,000, Vanessa M. Harris Fontenot to Jacob Arlie Scott.

Coventry St. 6541: $202,000, Krj Enterprises LLC to Elaine Santee Shelby and Randy Shelby.

Cove View Court 6530: $60,000, Jeanine Ann Johnson to Cyrus Shaw.

Curran Blvd. 6510: $183,000, Gwangi C. Richardson Alston and Lawrence D. Alston to Brenda Beasley Coleman and Dwayne Coleman.

Derby Place 3507: $413,000, Housemart Designs & Renovations LLC and Lawrence Flooring LLC to Joshua Bobo and Shira R. Spiegel.

Devine Ave. 7326: $85,000, Doris Edwards McKendall and Neil Marcus McKendall to Craig Tolliver and Shawn Bolden Tolliver.

Dreux Ave. 2620: $115,000, Mena Living Trust and Nazario Mena to Barry S. Ranshi.

Duels St. 1762: $40,000, Leah Elizabeth Holt to Piedmont Properties LLC.

E. I-10 Service Road 10040: $520,000, Sols Pizza LLC to J. & G. Foods LLC.

Egania St. 2110: $4,950, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Calvin C. Chapman.

Egania St. 2417: $58,350, Barbara J. Bridges to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

Elysian Fields 4711: $272,000, Charles E. Jefferson III and Shajuan D. Jefferson to Donald R. Hess III and Joni B. Hess.

Fillmore Ave. 1512: donation, no value stated, Lori Allen Morton to Erik David Waters.

Ford St. 3821: $50,000, Alan A. Boisdore, Marietta Houston Boisdore to Erika Julieta Stenner Guerra Houston and Glennaric Houston.

Frenchmen St. 940; N. Rampart St. 2028-30: $1,200,000, Alois J. Binder Realty Inc. to Fsb &c Associates LLC.

Gallier St. 1514: $145,705, Brian Sims to St. Cajetan LLC.

Gentilly Blvd. 2900: $1,500,000, Philip Tripoli Lavalle to Richs of Gentilly LLC.

Good Drive 4926: $165,900, Alex I. Lewis III, Carlton L. Lewis and Mary Louise Baham Lewis to Shaunice Lynette Scott.

Humanity St. 1969: $173,000, Patrice Eugene McNeal and Terry Brint McNeal to Gabrielle Wilson Prout.

Humanity St. 2269-71: $110,000, Maison Du Belle LLC to 3334 & 3336 De Armas LLC.

Lamanche St. 720: $265,000, Robert Dion Welles to Claudia A. Barker Tucker, Lucy Rose Tucker and Michael Joseph Tucker.

Leon C Simon Blvd. 2352: $313,000, Patrick Christopher Blatcher to Jon C. King and Laverne Parker King.

Lomond Road 8130: $199,000, Faye Gougisha Larche and Gilbert L. Larche to Darnell Jones White and Travis Jamaine White.

Lurline St. 4875: $179,000, At It Properties LLC to Ryan Thompson.

Mandeville St. 1310-12: donation, no value stated, Oliver M. Doxtater to Megan Fisher.

Mandeville St. 5159: $80,000, Frankie G. Jupiter Sr. and Lois Goodman Jupiter to Gregory Alugas and Stacy Alugas.

Marigny St. 1710-1712: $273,000, Gutters Tech Inc. to Samuel Pugh.

Marigny St. 2025-2027: $269,000, Darrel J. Saizan Jr. to Equasia Mindrucio Zeno and Torri Tremaine Zeno.

Marigny St. 3720: $175,000, Jon King and Laverne Parker King to Anthony Gerard Barthelemy.

Morrison Road 8740-8742: $140,000, Helen Wilson Spears to Jarvis Lionel Horne.

N. Claiborne Ave. 2454-56: $69,000, Brenda S. Lafaraue, Sharon S. Hickey, Steven G. Spiers and Susan A. Spiers to Gurjit Sandhu.

N. Rocheblave St. 1558-60: $95,000, Orleans District Redevelopment Corp. to K&T Institute LLC.

Oreilly St. 2700: $178,000, Hardship Properties LLC to Jameson Development LLC.

Paris Ave. 5551: donation, no value stated, Ashley Brownlee Deoliveira to Reina S. Perez Zago.

Paris Ave. 6210: $500,000, Morrell R. Venable and Toni A. Venable Marshall to Ashley Lyon Eastham and Evan Keenan Eastham.

Partridge Lane 14054: $72,500, Kathy Watkins White to Christopher Scott and Octavia Gloston Scott.

Pauger St. 4420: $299,000, Kpoc Properties LLC to Sonia Gupta.

Pauline St. 1735: $172,000, Joseph M. Nierle III to Lesli Cager.

Perth St. 7331: $192,500, Adam Eric Owens and Ashleigh Short Owens to Alicia Riane Aguillard.

Ponce De Leon St. 2925-27: $387,500, Kevin M. Granier and Wendy Ragan Granier to Emerson Avery Hemperley and Emily Anne Lambert Hemperley.

Port St. 2331: $17,600, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Kimberly Landry Rodriguez and Salvador P. Rodriguez.

Port St. 735: $749,000, Eric Slone to James Kurt Jacobus.

Pressburg St. 2678: $205,500, Elise Nicole Zavadak to Elizabeth Susan Maxwell.

Read Blvd. 7526: $110,000, Davien Davis Akuma and Davien K. Davis to Brandon A. Jarrow.

Republic St. 3600-02: $300,000, Carlos Humberto Chacon and Carmen Rodriguez Chacon to Toye David Robert Sr.

Robin Hood Drive 4901: $173,000, Dana E. Sylvester to Colleen Ashley Lafrance.

Roger Drive 10701: $30,000, Joseph Landry Sr. to Tacf Properties LLC.

Rousseau St. 2350: $549,000, Jeno J. Kalozdi to Daisy LLC.

St. Roch Ave. 1204-06: $370,000, Bart G. Denys to Christian Gary Hermann and Lisa Michelle Spampinato.

Sandalwood St. 4601: $225,000, Enrique Hernandez to Simone Hinds Warren and Weldon O. Shanks Jr.

Schindler Drive 5025: $122,000, Brent Defillo to Deborah Bates.

Scottsdale Drive 7421: $197,000, Louis Israel Alimonda to Darcell Green and Zanetta Green Green.

Seawood St. 10200: donation, no value stated, Eldridge Joseph Valteau Jr. to Brenda Garnett Valteau.

Spain St. 1743: $250,000, Jesus A. Chirinos to Roberto A. Diaz Chirinos.

St. Anthony Ave. 5757: $195,500, Bonnie Williams Coleman Polk to Scott Paul MacDonald.

St. Claude Ave. 5330: $100, 5330 St. Claude LLC to 5330 St. Claude Investment LLC.

Van Ave. 4344; Warrington Drive 416: donation, no value stated, Brenda R. Sorina and Virgil D. Sorina to Gary James Sorina Sr.

Warrington Drive 504: donation, no value stated, Brenda Register Sorina and Virgil D. Sorina to Valarie Sorina Joyner.

Warrington Drive 5517: $281,000, Jamall Ward to Claudio Calderon and Maria Pla Pellicer Calderon.

Warrington Drive 6258: $65,000, Yes Real Estate Development LLC to Kamerica LLC.

Werner Drive 4441: $45,000, Nola Zone LLC to Barbara Perkins Washington and Horace Washington.

District 4

1st St. 430-432: $583,000, Belle Bayou Construction LLC to Alexandra Margetta Rosenberg and Michael Rosenberg.

4th St. 1518: $100, Andrew James Poole and Sarah Lynne Karp Poole to Albert O. Saulsbury IV and Katherine Haygood Saulsbury.

6th St. 745: donation, no value stated, Jennifer L. Arena Bailey and Jennifer L. Arena May to Michael May.

8th St. 1412-1414: $745,000, Brian T. West, Roberta Stockstill Eckert and Virginia Eckert West to Rebecca Dorsky Pailet and Samuel Pailet.

8th St. 424-426: $405,000, Gordon Tunks and Sarah Pinkney Tunks to Bnb LLC.

Dryades St. 2838-40: $110,000, Mary Jones Watson and Ronald Watson to Jse Investments LLC.

Dryades St. 3009-11: $275,000, Carrie Ann Pietzyk Knapp to Shane A. Macy II.

Jackson Ave. 2331: $60,000, Samuel E. Woods to Nnn Vestors LLC.

Laurel St. 2111: $510,000, Helen Tarpinian Cane and Vincenzo Cane to Mark David Jicka and Yvonne Woodard Jicka.

Pleasant St. 818-820: $480,000, Travis Thomas Shuler to Maggie Madison Groves and Timothy Bouchard Nee.

Pleasant St. 936-38: $394,500, Linda Nawal Sayegh to Ashley Hickman and Matthew Hickman.

Rousseau St. 2356: $214,152, Raphael Village Inc. to Charles Clark and Maria Bazan Clark.

Soraparu St. 532: $280,000, Livewell Properties LLC to Patricia Robinson Laumann and Randy Joseph Laumann.

St. Mary St. 1117: $200,000, Zolakay LLC to Tyson Lykes Geary.

District 5

Abalon Court 361: $61,000, 361 Abalon Ct Development LLC to C. Hamp Rental Properties LLC.

Bringier St. 3309: $100,000, Bronson Louis Haynes Testamentary Trust, Cynthia Williams Haynes, Dewitt Joseph Haynes and Junious Anthony Haynes to Adam Mafarja and Samira Hammond Mafarja.

Brunswick Court 109: $110,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Clarence Gray Jr.

Chelsea Drive 2550: $122,500, Chelsea Aurora Dameier to La Arlo Property LLC.

Durham Drive 5600: $324,000, Christopher C. Crow and Heather Folsom Crow to Andre J. Jones Sr.

Elmira Ave. 121: $599,000, Maritimesinalgierspoint LLC to Amenah M. Abdelfattah Falgoust and Luke B. Falgoust.

Evergreen Ave. 1958: $100,000, Elegant Houses LLC to C. & C. Ventures I. LLC.

Fairfax Place 6350: $20,250, Elsie Rose and Percy Rose to Dean Owens.

Grand Canyon Court 3: $237,000, Ryan Arthur Breaux to Darien Vancourt and Kristen K. Vancourt.

Hyman Court 3511: $210,000, Claude Ruel and Cynthia Lacour Ruel to Luisandro Garza and Sarah Beth Lewkowicz Garza.

Lennox Blvd. 4621; Lennox Blvd. 4631: $285,000, Andrea Regina Shaw Williams to Cam H. Tran Thorn and Christian P. Thorn.

Memorial Park Drive 2710: $42,000, Dominici Properties LLC to Manshack Holdings LLC.

Pacific Ave. 427: $324,900, Aimee Shultz Miller and Jeremy Michael Miller to Hal Stuart Johnson Jr.

Park Blvd. 513: $253,000, Lyc Properties and Solutions LLC to Alexander Balno.

Rue Denise Drive 3711: $262,000, Eric David Swanson and Gabriela Teresa Swanson to Sierra S. Wheat.

Rue Nichole 3720: $225,000, Andrew Warren Wild to Julie Katherine Hitch and Michael Andy Hitch.

Somerset Drive 2719: $119,000, Emily Paulsen Ray and Kevin Lee Ray to Angela D. Canizaro Herkender.

Somerset Drive 3300: $155,000, Kerry Elizabeth Shine Rowe to Kristine Nicole Ayala Pruitt.

Wagner St. 632: $324,900, Lees Professional Properties LLC to Dan Carmichael, Nicole Zvosecv Camichael and Nicole Zvosecz.

Yellowstone Drive 24: $264,500, Eileen Arsht Hamilton and Larry Jay Hamilton to Michael Baker.

District 6

Amelia St. 2538: $266,000, Jesse J. Rusinski to Kaitlyn S. Dix.

Amelia St. 2836-38-40; Delachaise St. 2836-38-40; Willow St. 3700; Willow St. 3712: $320,000, T. & T. Real Estate Development LLC to Gabriel Wayne Jones Mitchell.

Audubon Blvd. 17: $100, White Light LLC to Jennifer Farris McMillan and Lee Richards McMillan III.

Audubon St. 208-10: $511,750, Lanson Bordelon and Linda Bordelon to Margarete Gertrude Wabnig Fraling.

Audubon St. 496: $1,583,000, Alun R. Wang and Jenny Zhou Wang to Lovleen Chatrath Bedi and Updesh Bedi.

Audubon St. 1415-17; Audubon St. 812-814; Pine St. 2003-05; Spruce St. 7225: $1,521,500, Audubon Properties of New Orleans LLC to 700b8 LLC.

Broadway St. 3108-10: $95,000, Crescent City Townhouse Developement LLC to Djs Property Investment LLC.

Coliseum St. 3917-19: $375,000, Joseph Henry Baptiste Jr. to Sharon Ann Biiliot.

Calhoun St. 1468: $638,000, Jean C. Filbeck Felts to Brian Bain and Julie Koppman Bain.

Calhoun St. 2738: $515,000, Holly Barnett to Gary Trubin and Yelena Ostrovsky Trubin.

Camp St. 3643: $1,300,000, Malcolm Rachmiel Petal to Alexis Claire Tripplehorn Hall and Tyler Stuart Hall.

Camp St. 4844-4846: $705,000, McLain Jay Forman II and Megan Roen Forman to Judson Roswell Chase and Michelle Leonard Chase.

Constance St. 4721-31; Constance St. 4729: donation, no value stated, Daniel J. Carr to Rebecca Boehm Carr.

Delachaise St. 1730: $315,000, Jessica L. Burkhardt to Bmrc Properties LLC.

Delachaise St. 1924: $145,000, New Orleans Redevelopment Project LLC to House of Honor LLC.

Delachaise St. 3837: $195,000, Brandt Joseph Arceneaux and Erin Elise Theriot Arceneaux to Michael Everette McDaniel.

Dufossat St. 531-533: $360,000, Kyle Bordelon to Amanda E. Farrell.

Gen. Taylor St. 1108: $215,000, Kevin Brent Simpson and Theresa Nelson Simpson to Lindsay Sproul Allen.

Gen.l Taylor St. 2721-23: $300,000, Michael Noone to Nita Lee Properties LLC.

Gen. Taylor St. 2725: $290,000, Lydia Trepagnier Pajeaud to Terry Magee Jr.

Louisiana Ave. 915: $1,350,000, Claudia Jacob Hoxsey and Rodney J. Hoxsey to Todd A. McPherson.

Marego St. 2500: $580,000, Evan C. Bertucci and Kimberly Johns Bertucci to Christopher Cantu and Nicole Kusmirek.

Napoleon Ave. 3837: $615,000, Janet Elaine Strangi Manning to Guy Tem.

Newcomb Blvd. 18: $1,175,000, Charles T. Ochello Jr. and Lindsay Dubnansky Ochello to Craig Isenberg and Maria Muro Blossman.

Octavia St. 2100-2102: $460,000, Brian L. Gibbons, Stephen A. Gibbons and Susan Gibbons Rampick to Marengo Investments LLC.

Octavia St. 2402: $628,000, Morgan Thomas Pfost to Catharine McCormack Totman and Robert M. Totman.

Palmer Ave. 2434-36: $550,000, Cindy Aldaba, Deborah Nesbit, Pattie Elrod, Wendy Brownd and Williams Family Trust to Smithtolbert LLC.

Peniston St. 2522-2524: $569,000, Alan J. Akinkugbe and Charlotte Farrugia Akinkugbe to Allison Jane Birdsall and William J. Birdsall.

Perrier St. 3927: $530,000, Brenda Kloos Mitchell and Patrick J. Mitchell to Jaime R. Loebner.

Prytania St. 5607: $270,000, James Kirk Campbell and Nancy Montz Campbell to Karla Barrios Pertuit and Wayne Anthony Pertuit Jr.

Robert St. 516: donation, no value stated, Walter R. Hills to Louise Davis Hamilton.

St. Charles Ave. 4007: $193,500, Elizabeth Marie Cass to Chantay Seaux Broussard and Reese J. Broussard III.

State St. 2526: $533,650, Em&m Properties LLC to Donna L. Carstarphen.

Tchoupitoulas St. 5345: $467,000, Tyson L. Geary to Jeff Lesaicherre LLC and Lefleur De Lis Title Company LLC.

Valmont St. 1631: $795,000, Heather Ikemire and Paul Ikemire to Jonathan David Somma and Nicole Susanne Schaffer Somma.

Willow St. 3718: $55,000, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church to Ljt Investments LLC.

District 7

12th St. 128: $622,000, Integrity Construction Group LLC to Christopher C. Harness Jr. and Madeline J. Malone Harness.

28th St. 230: $280,000, Dennis Alan Branton to Claris Esther Smith.

40th St. 456: $212,000, Anthony N. Bonura to Dhavalkumar Patel and Puriben Patel.

Adams St. 1128-30; Adams St. 1134-38; Oak St. 7708-10; Oak St. 7712-14: $891,850, Gchll C. to 700b8 LLC.

Bellaire Drive 443: $1,265,000, Judith Anne Klose Zimmermann and Leonard C. Zimmermann to Jean Marie Pellerin and Melissa Gebbia Pellerin.

Bellaire Drive 6388: $480,000, Brisbi Development LLC to Cynthia Schule Wooderson and Robert Summey Wooderson.

Birch St. 7722: $220,000, Amy Coates Budde and Nathan Budde to Symmetry Properties LLC.

Birch St. 8834: $5,000, John Mark Sloan to Emily Kate Brumfield.

Cambronne St. 1420: $429,000, Jacob Kennedy Weixler and Lindsay Hodges Bell Weixler to David Israel, Jill Ilene Baker Israel and Jody Michelle Israel.

Center St. 6451: donation, no value stated, Mirandy S. Li to Victoria Li.

Cherokee St. 732: $169,000, Mark Douglas Blake and Paige Kreager Blake to Patrice Goldberg and Robert Moe.

Fig St. 9027: $62,000, Carla McKay Wren, Darrell Joseph Williams and Kijana D. Wren to Leiro Holdings LLC.

Holly Grove St. 4107: $50,000, Jermaine A. Carney to Empire Quiet Real Estate LLC.

Holly Grove St. 4107: $71,000, Empire Quiet Real Estate LLC to 4107hollygrove LLC.

Leonidas St. 1914; Leonidas St. 1916: $66,351.09, Edna Mae Henderson to 1914 Leonidas LLC.

Leslie Lane 330: $470,000, Gregory L. Durr to Meiyin Kuang Scioneaux and Patrick J. Scioneaux.

Livingston St. 3623: $155,000, Sharon Jackson Nelson and Wayne M. Nelson Sr. to Morris Kirschman & Co. LLC.

Marcia Ave. 5889: $450,000, Ryan S. Szubinski to Emily Martinez Cobar and Nicholas Lanning Cobar.

Metairie Road 816: $1,010,000, Gary Raymond Glynn and Mary Streckfus Glynn to Rp Development LLC.

Pine St. 2825-27: $162,500, 2825 27 Pine Street LLC to Pine Ventures LLC.

S. Carrollton Ave. 910: $246,000, Pmr Properties LLC to Graham R. Smidt.

Sylvia Drive 5880: $560,000, Kent R. Berger to Mansukh Saini and Tejal Patel Saini.

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