QuikTrip is remodeling to combine kitchens, checkout areas


Tulsa-based QuikTrip is remodeling 19 of its 39 Wichita-area stores to combine its kitchen and checkout areas. Newer stores are already built this way.

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QuikTrip is working on remodeling about half of its Wichita-area stores to incorporate its checkout stations with its kitchens.

It’s “to allow our customers to have a better flow and quicker service for our QuikTrip kitchens,” said spokeswoman Aisha Jefferson-Smith.

The Tulsa-based company began adding kitchens to its stores in 2014. Its newer-model stores already combine the kitchen and checkout areas. Some of the older models are still separated, though.

“It was disconnected,” Jefferson-Smith said of the older look.

The new design allows QuikTrip checkout workers to more easily help out in the kitchen when necessary.

Remodeling takes three weeks. During the second week, the kitchens are closed, but sandwiches and other food are still available.

Three of the 19 stores slated for remodeling are complete. The entire process will take until early fall.

There are 39 QuikTrip stores in the Wichita area.

Jefferson-Smith said the new stores are “already designed perfectly so we don’t have to do that expansion.”

“It’s very, very nice, and it just flows better for customers.”

This story was originally published May 12, 2022 12:24 PM.

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