Recognized: Teachers, students remodeling collaboration | News

St. Helens High School (SHHS) teachers and students are receiving recognition from the Oregon School Board’s Association for a collaborated house remodeling project.

The students pose for this photo in the Bright Side.

The St. Helens School District (SHSD) has release the following details about the recognition.

“As a district, we are honored to be featured in the Oregon School Board Association’s ‘The Bright Side,’ which highlights outstanding student achievement throughout Oregon,” the district said in a release. “Congratulations to Joe Mauck, Bill Amos, students from SHHS’s Renovation and Remodeling class, as well as Wade Sims and his students from Gaston High School who collaborated on this incredible project together.”

With the SHSD statement is the following:

Cross district collaboration brings students together for community housing

Under the direction of two experienced Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers, St. Helens High School and Gaston High School students came together to share their expertise and skills.

Joe Mauck, a CTE teacher at St. Helens High School, leads a class of advanced construction students, passing on his years of expertise and knowledge. His Renovation & Remodeling class purchases homes to renovate and resale. Students learn the construction side of renovating a home, learn how to work with construction equipment, as well as learn how to landscape a yard.

Wade Sims, a Cabinetry/Manufacturing teacher at Gaston High School, also leads a class of advanced woodworking students who provide the cabinetry for the homes. Gaston built the cabinets based on drawings and met onsite to begin the installation. This is the third year that Gaston students have been involved in building cabinets for St. Helens High School. In addition, Gaston high school students have also built cabinets for Sherwood High School for several years as well.

With St. Helens students more versed in construction and Gaston students in cabinetry, the two schools work together to complete the tasks and share their skills and knowledge with one another. This arrangement came about by mutual collaboration with woodworking/construction meetings where the idea was conceived.

The students were joined by Bill Amos, St. Helens School Board Member, and former contractor to share in the experience. Bill is heavily involved in the Renovation & Remodeling program and is a welcome addition to the program.

St. Helens High School plans to place the house on the market in the next month and start working on a new house to renovate the following year with new students to the program.