‘Renovation, Inc.’: Sarah’s designs fail to make a mark on first go, will she succeed to impress Bernadette?

Sarah Baeumler is known for her impeccable aesthetics and attention to detail. In the past, we have seen the designer show off her impressive decor chops on ‘Renovation Island’, when she alongside her husband Bryan Baeumler, bought a resort in the Bahamas and renovated it. But much before the Baeumler family made the bold move of shifting their base to the Bahamas and running a resort, they were happily settled in Canada running a construction business of their own.

On HGTV’s ‘Renovation, Inc.’ we get to see how Bryan and Sarah worked together. In an earlier episode, we saw the couple take up an interesting renovation project of a house that houses a multi-generational family. The house belongs to Bernadette and her husband, Don. The couple lived along with Don’s mother- Gigi. Things quickly changed, when the couple’s daughter, Cara, moved in with them along with her husband and children. Bernadette decided to sell the house to Cara, and move into the basement, which is now called an apartment. They then roped in the Baeumlers to help with the renovation of the basement into a cozy retirement home for Bernadette and Don. Although Cara is the one signing the cheques and paying for everything, Bernadette will be the one calling shots and making all the decisions when it comes to the renovation work.

Sarah is used to her clients instantly taking a shine to her designs and suggestions. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Bernadette. In the preview clip for the upcoming episode, we see Sarah showing various tile options to Bernadette for the house. But the matriarch of the family looked far from pleased with Sarah’s choice and could be heard saying she didn’t like any. Later, when Sarah shares the same with Bryan, he was surprised to hear that Bernadette didn’t approve any of Sarah’s plans. So, in the upcoming episode, we will see Sarah working on the designs and interiors once again, and showing it to Bernadette with hopes of impressing her. We can’t wait to see her reaction to Sarah’s ideas.

‘Renovation, Inc.’ airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on HGTV.

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