Stacey Solomon shows how to give homes a budget Autumn makeover with cheap wreaths, DIY garlands and a clever sock hack

AUTUMN is well and truly here so it’s time to swap out your bright and bold colourful decor for some moody orange and brown hues instead.

Stacey Solomon has been leading the way with cheap DIY autumnal decorations which she’s been making using budget bits – and it’s just the vibe we’re after.


Stacey Solomon, 30, has been embracing autumn giving her home a seasonal makeoverCredit: Instagram

Whether you’re going full blown Halloween, or want to incorporate a subtle seasonal makeover, chances are you can do it yourself for cheap with a few of Stacey’s handy hacks.

From cheap hand-made wreaths to a fun solution to odd socks, Stacey’s ideas are endless – and even her pal Mrs Hinch is in on it too, making handy decorative garlands.

DIY wreath

The 30-year-old mum-of-three recently showed her 3.7 million Instagram followers how to whip up a seasonal wreath using a purse-friendly £5 buy from Hobby Craft.


Stacey has hung the beautiful wreath on the back of her front doorCredit: Instagram


She bought the budget wreath and spruced it up herselfCredit: Instagram


She added pine cones, flowers, extra leaves and even added some pumpkin lightsCredit: Instagram

Using a glue gun, the Loose Women panellist then added on a mix of pine cones, sunflowers and leaves which she intertwined around the sticks.

She even added some on-trend pumpkin lights to illuminate the wreath, adding to the stunning design.

While she didn’t reveal where she originally purchased the leaves and extra bits from, her pal Mrs Hinch recently admitted to ordering a whole heap on eBay for her own DIY projects.

Stacey hung hers on the inside of her front door, but it can be hung on any door or wall around the home – you can even make multiple to spruce up every space.

Sock ornaments

Stacey Solomon has been turning her boys’ old socks into cute pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and instead of getting rid of old jumpers and socks, Stacey has been turning them into adorable decorative pumpkins to display around the home.

The sweet pumpkins are extremely easy to make and the DIY guru gave a step-by-step guide on her Instagram showing exactly how to get the job done.

She demonstrated cutting the sock under the heel so just the tip remains, and then stuffed it with rice or old tights.

After snipping the top, Stacey then stuffed her socks with rice to give them the round pumpkin look
She tied the stuffed socks shut, and then added string round the outside to make eight sections

She then tied the sock shut and sow a string through the middle, pulling it tight around eight sections, before using a glue gun to add a gold-sprayed leaf to the top.

People online have been giving it ago too, even using jumpers for a bigger look.

People have been making their own pumpkins out of old jumpers too

Seasonal door and wallscapes

Stacey is known for decking out the front door of her Essex home she shares with her kids and partner Joe swash, creating stunning floral arrangements in accordance of the seasons.

While she does call in the experts from Poppy Belle Florals for this particular job, you can do something similar yourself at home.

Stacey dug the autumn decorations out of the shed
And used them to create a stunning flower wall in her back garden

To give you an idea, earlier this year the crafty Stace used last year’s autumn floral arrangements to create a stunning wallscape in her back garden.

Posting on her Instagram stories at the time, she said: “I’m going to decorate the trellis with my autumn flowers for no reason whatsover”

She revealed they have just been sat in the shed since last year so thought she would put them to good use, simply by wrapping them around the framing.

DIY garlands


Mrs Hinch gave her fireplace a stunning autumn inspired makeover Credit: Instagram


The cleaning guru, 30, has also been sprucing up her family home in Essex using cheap eBay bargainsCredit: Instagram

If you don’t already have pro floral arrangements laying around (let’s face it, not many of us do), you can create your own decorative garlands instead.

Fellow clean queen Mrs Hinch recently showed how this was done, after buying a few “plain leaf garlands” for a fiver on eBay.

She then decorated them using acorns and extra autumnal pieces, including mini plastic pumpkins and some lights – which were also cheap on eBay.


Mrs Hinch shared how she made the garlands on her InstagramCredit: Instagram


The DIY garlands look amazing draped around the home Credit: Instagram

Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – used hers to decorate her fireplace, draping it over the top – and it looks so cosy, perfect for the cooler nights.

Decorative vases

Stacey is quite possibly most known for turning rubbish into super chic display pieces for around the home – so leave it to her to create some cute seasonal vases.


Stacey spruced up some old vases and created a stunning display for her homeCredit: Instagram

Using an old vase and a jar she wasn’t using, Stacey used a hot glue gun to create “the pumpkin look” by creating lines down the length of each jar.

She then spray painted each white before filling each with a beautiful floral arrangement, and displayed them on a wooden board with a light-up pumpkin ornament.

The stunning vases could make the ideal table centrepiece, or can be displayed anywhere around the house.


She used a glue gun to create some texture hoping to resemble a pumpkinCredit: Instagram


She then spray painted them white to tie in with the autumn themeCredit: Instagram

Fun snacks

But it’s not just home decor Stacey has used to transform her home, but she’s also whipped up a couple of tasty treats in the kitchen too – and they couldn’t be easier to do.

To start, the doting mum made her boys a tasty sweet potato snack simply by slicing up a single potato and baking it in the oven.


The sweet potato snacks are so easy to doCredit: Instagram


She even made a delicious snack for dessertCredit: Instagram


She used apricots and raspberries and covered them in chocolateCredit: Instagram

Once cooked, she used a leaf cookie cutter to create an autumn leaf design on some, and even got creative with others replicating a spooky pumpkin face.

But for something a little sweeter, the Essex-based mum tried her hand at some chocolatey acorns using apricots, raspberries and gooey melted chocolate.

First she covered some dried apricots in melted milk chocolate, and did the same with the raspberries using dark instead.

She then stuck a cocktail stick through one of each and ended up with some super cute sweet snacks.

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Stacey Solomon makes cute pumpkins out of old socks

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