Stapleton Public Schools board proposes bond issue for addition, remodeling at school | Education

The movement toward the project began in earnest last year, Hora said.

“We looked at the school and the board wanted to narrow it down to what they felt was really needed,” Hora said, “and to do it fiscally responsibly.”

A brochure identifies what the project would address: safety/security, non-code-compliant restrooms, substandard locker rooms, a non-private student health and services area, a congested commons area and aging parts of the building that are no longer adequate.

Gaffney said security to monitor who enters the building is inadequate.

“The camera system doesn’t take a very wide view and there may be more than one person wanting to check in,” Gaffney said. “In visiting with other superintendents, that’s a real safety issue.”

Another issue is the music room, which lacks adequate storage, Hora said. A new music room would be part of the addition on the east side of the building and

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Home Visit: Attached ADU Addition

When Carrie and Sterling Whitley bought their house in 1971, they paid less than $15,000. Nearly 50 years later, similar homes on their street have sold for more than $1 million.

THE PROBLEM: The Whitleys, who are in their 80s, own the house outright and don’t want to move. But the financial and physical demands involved in maintaining the house are a challenge.

A SOLUTION: To help low-income homeowners age 62 or older live independently and keep their homes, the Monterey Bay affiliate of Habitat for Humanity and the City of Santa Cruz launched My House My Home: A Partnership for Aging-in-Place. The pilot program builds accessory dwelling units so older homeowners can downsize into a new, aging-friendlier home and earn rental income from their original house. Or such homeowners can remain in their house and rent out the new, smaller residence. Participating homeowners are required to charge an affordable

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Brooklyn begins $314,000 trail addition and renovation at Marquardt Park

BROOKLYN, Ohio — The $314,000 revitalization of Marquardt Park in Brooklyn began earlier this week with the work expected to be finished in late October.

“The first phase begins with the renovation of the path, which over the years residents have been requesting,” Brooklyn Recreation Commissioner Jack Abbruzzese said. “The existing trail that goes through the wooded area of the park on the perimeter is going to be renovated and resurfaced.

“We’re also adding a connecting path through the neighborhood that extends Richard Drive through some of those dead-end streets. It’s a six-foot asphalt walking path wide enough for biking; however, there won’t be any bike lines on it.”

Residents in the area have also requested such a path that connects Richard Drive to Autumn Lane located on the northern boundary of Marquardt Park.

Construction has started on the revitalization of Brooklyn Marquardt Park, which includes renovated and added trails, as well as new playground equipment and pavilion.

Construction has started on the revitalization of Brooklyn’s Marquardt Park, which includes renovated and added trails,

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