Can This New Android Threat Brick Your Phone When You Answer A Call?

Microsoft recently published a security blog that warned about a sophisticated new ransomware variant. Not, as you might expect, ransomware that impacts users of the Windows operating system, though. Nope, instead, this was a warning for Android users.

The discovery of a context-aware machine learning code module in the MalLocker.B certainly deserves the sophisticated tag. However, that module has yet to be activated, and more of that in a moment. What has grabbed the attention of Android users who have read the various reports online, it would seem, is the fact that MalLocker.B can effectively brick phones only with a press of the home button when answering a call. But how true is that, and how worried should Android smartphone users actually be?

First things first, this is a fascinating and highly detailed bit of technical

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Chromecast media notification adds track controls on Android

One of the conveniences of using a Chromecast or a Cast-enabled speaker or TV is the ability to control playback from any device in the house (if you want). Starting a song from your phone and stopping it from your tablet, or asking your partner or roommate to do so while you’re wrist-deep into a new banana bread recipe, are possible because of the casting notification that surfaces on all devices connected to the same network. That notification is getting a small but awesome quality-of-life improvement now thanks to new track controls.

Previously, the casting notification offered four buttons: play/pause, mute/unmute, stop, and settings (which let you disable the notification on other devices). If you wanted to rewind that awesome tune you just heard or skip to the next video on your TV, you couldn’t do it straight away. You had to tap on the notification to open media controls

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Android 11 TV released, along with privacy, performance improvements and new features

Android 11 TV released

Android 11 TV is arriving on the Android TV platform, enabling many features showcased during Google’s #11weeksofsummer virtual event.

The update to Android TV closely follows the release of Android 11 for phones and tablets. It includes the same core enhancements to performance and privacy, such as how the platform now supports allowing application permissions just once. Android’s developers are also introducing a new, more efficient way to manage device memory with the algorithm based on memory pressure, which should speed up many devices. There’s support for Auto Low Latency Mode, a feature included in display panels using HDMI 2.1 that can improve performance by preventing post-processing features – a handy option for games or video conferencing applications, where performance is more important than visual quality.

Writing of games, there are improvements to the controller or gamepad support, which should be good news. There’s a new TV tuner framework with

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Android 11 for TVs announced with new features, performance & privacy improvements,

Google recently announced the release of the latest Android 11 for the smartphones. In the same vein, the company has now announced the Android 11 update for its Android TV models. The update will bring many of the Android 11 features for mobile to the TV as well as other implementations specifically tailored to TVs.

The new Android 11 features include performance improvements involving memory management as well as improvements in privacy hasn’t been overlooked either as one-time permissions are carried over to Android 11 for TVs. A framework for the physical microphone mute buttons for better integration with TVs featuring far-field microphones has been implemented.

For multimedia improvements, Google is bringing Auto Low Latency Mode and low latency media decoding. Tuner Framework with updated media CAS and extensions to the HAL implementation of HDMI CEC are also new.

Expanded functionality around inactivity prompts, wake keys and silent boot mode

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Android TV Android 11 update to bring speed, gamepad improvements

Even compared to Android Auto, Android’s TV incarnation hasn’t exactly been getting much attention, especially from Google itself. The past months, however, have been particularly interesting, especially with rumors around Google’s first Android TV dongle. As if heralding the arrival of that “Sabrina” device, Google has now announced the Android 11 update for Android TV, promising to bring a handful of improvements that will hopefully prepare the platform for the future.

With so many smart TV platforms out there, including those from Samsung (Tizen), LG (webOS), and Apple (tvOS), it isn’t really that surprising that Android TV hasn’t exactly caught on. Aside from access to streaming apps, which other platforms and set-top boxes also have, Android TV may not look like it has much else to offer. Of course, you have access to some popular Android apps but viewing them on a larger screen might not exactly be that attractive.

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10 best home design apps and home improvement apps for Android!

Houzz best home design apps and home improvement apps for Android
Home improvement and home design are big deals. They can cost as little as a few bucks and a few hours. Sometimes, they can cost upwards of thousands of dollars and take months to implement. Your smartphone can’t spend the money or do the work for you. However, smartphones can help you with some parts of the process. Here are the best home improvement apps and home design apps for Android!

Price: Free is one of the newer home improvement apps. It’s essentially like Amazon but for construction stuff. It has various tools, supplies, and other stuff for sale. The app is a fairly basic shopping app. You can track orders, buy stuff, create wishlists, and more. You can

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