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Preparing a property for winter involves putting away lawn furniture, raking leaves and removing any annual plants that have shriveled up and spent the last of their energy. It can be tempting to want to clean up completely and leave a blank slate in the yard. But by doing so, you may be robbing wildlife of the resources they need to overwinter. The nature and conservation resource In Habitat says plants and animals depend on one another to survive.

During the winter, animals may struggle to find adequate shelter and food, especially when there is a lack of sufficient plant matter available. In turn, these animals may actually take up home in people’s residences, turning into pests in the process. Bats, field mice and even opossums and raccoons may move indoors into attics or basements, leaving behind waste and damage if they can’t find adequate shelter outdoors.


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Explosion rips through home with 17 animals inside and kills owner, NC officials say

An explosion tore through a North Carolina house, killing a 79-year-old man, officials say.

Lon Record, the only person home at the time of the blast, was airlifted to a burn center in critical condition on Wednesday, a Duplin County spokesperson told McClatchy News. Record later died.

At least 17 animals, including dogs and cats, were inside the home when it exploded, said Elizabeth Stalls, public information officer for Duplin County.

Though news outlets had previously reported that five animals died, officials now say two pets originally presumed dead were later found. Three other missing animals are believed to be alive.

In a post that didn’t directly mention the explosion, Duplin County Animal Services on Wednesday posted photos of injured animals that were getting treatment.

“Due to an unexpected tragedy at a local home in Duplin County, we have received numerous animals,” the post said, “many with medical emergencies

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