The 10 Best Mixing Bowls No Kitchen Should Be Without

Any true chef or baker, whether a pro or amateur, knows the importance of finding the best mixing bowl. Scrap that—anyone who spends time at all in the kitchen, no matter how fleetingly, can appreciate the value of a good mixing bowl. These versatile kitchen must-haves make an appearance on a daily basis, whether you’re baking a cake, tossing a salad, mixing granola, or whisking eggs for an omelet. It’s important to find bowls that will last the wear and tear of daily use, even if their sole purpose is to hold potato chips while you watch Netflix. But with so many versions on the market, which mixing bowls can withstand the test of time and daily rendezvous with the dishwasher?

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best mixing bowls everyone should own, according to reviews:

What’s the best mixing bowl material?

Mixing bowls come in an array of materials,

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shrimp and biscuits, tuna salad, curry chicken bowls

Just like the rest of us, our panelists for the Taster’s Choice food column have been cooking more than ever since March. We asked them for some of their menu suggestions and they sent some great ideas. Here are more of the meals they have been serving their families.

Julie Overton, a trained cook, avid canner and mother of four, steps up her game every Sunday. During the week, she is careful to make heart-healthy, calorie-conscious meals. But, Sundays, she said, “are my husband’s cheat meals — so we really go all out with dinner and dessert.”


Cheddar Biscuits and Shrimp and Andouille Gravy: The dish includes Andouille sausage, bacon, corn and condiments including Creole mustard and Worcestershire sauce. She follows a recipe at and says: “I buy Pillsbury Grands frozen biscuits and I don’t worry about not having cheddar cheese on them. This is a full meal

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