Afghans stunned, worried by Trump tweet to bring home U.S. troops early

Taliban leaders have reacted with open delight, welcoming Trump’s Oct. 7 statement and reportedly telling CBS News that they hoped he will win reelection in November. The group’s top spokesman later said his comment to that effect had been “incorrectly” interpreted, after it set off a frenzy of controversy and was rejected by the White House.

But many Afghans and analysts say they fear that if Trump follows through, abruptly dropping the U.S.-Taliban agreement for a conditions-based and gradual pullout of the about 4,500 remaining U.S. troops by May, the country may plunge again into full-scale war and political mayhem.

“If the withdrawal takes place according to the tweet, it will create chaos. The peace process will collapse, and we will go back to square one,” said Ehsanullah Zia, a former senior Afghan official who heads the Kabul office of the U.S. Institute of Peace. “This is the only thing

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Taliban Welcomes Trump’s Tweet on Promise to Bring U.S. Troops in Afghanistan ‘Home by Christmas’

The Taliban has welcomed the tweet by President Donald Trump pledging for U.S. troops in Afghanistan to return home before the end of the year, amid concerns that such a move could jeopardize the deal agreed earlier this year aimed at ending two decades of conflict.

a man in a military vehicle: U.S. soldiers arrives at the site of a car bomb attack in Kabul on September 24, 2017. President Donald Trump has vowed to have American troops there back home by Christmas.

© WAKIL KOHSAR/Getty Images
U.S. soldiers arrives at the site of a car bomb attack in Kabul on September 24, 2017. President Donald Trump has vowed to have American troops there back home by Christmas.

Just hours after Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, had said that U.S forces in the country would be halved to 2,500 by early 2021, Trump tweeted on Wednesday: “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!”

The Doha agreement struck in the Qatari capital between the Taliban and the U.S. in February was intended to allow the

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Stretch your imagination: High Country architects bring clients’ ideas and inspirations to life

The ‘Fly Barn’ is an intimate structure adjacent to the main house, wherein the fly-fishing contingent store their fly rods, vests and drift boat, as well as sit at the bench tying flies and regale each other with fish stories.
Photo courtesy Shepherd Resources Inc.

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a home truly stand apart from the rest, but sometimes, it takes a little inspiration from others to get those creative juices really flowing. Homeowners curate ideas from all kinds of sources — from magazines to favorite vacation memories — and experienced architects bring those visions to life. Here are several examples of cool home elements to get your motor running.

Lighting it up

Doug DeChant and his associates at Shepherd Resources Inc. believe that light is central to any good design, be it light of the sun, moon or fire.

Whether it’s an indoor fireplace or

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Bring personalized expression into kitchen design

Personalizing a kitchen’s design is an opportunity to showcase true individuality. The space will feel like a true reflection of self when finished with handpicked details. Adding special touches throughout a space, from unique materials to striking statement pieces, can work together to form that cohesive, yet individualized feel.

Merged aesthetic

Merge classic and modern design elements, such as wood cabinetry or richly veined marble, with smaller personalized touches that help to bring the room together. To unite varying design elements, consider adding a mixed stone backsplash to complement a central color scheme. By rooting the color palette in opulent shades of white, the space will evoke a sense of comfort. Warmer shades add polished neutrality, allowing striking details to shine against casement windows for a flood of natural light.

Streamlined synergy

Select integrated appliances that seamlessly blend into the kitchen, rather than distract. Adding a stove-side niche places all

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Calgary renovation companies bring awards hardware home

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“There can be a lot of structural tie-ins — a lot of engineering that needs to be done. And it’s important to find a contractor you’ll be best suited with, who shares your beliefs. It’s a team effort between client and builder,” he says.

The planning and design department at Ultimate is preparing for work scheduled to begin the first week of January. Ritchie says he’s getting calls right now from people who want a kitchen done by Christmas, but he stresses the importance of doing the homework.

“People who accept our advice are happier in the end,” he says, with a grin.

Cold weather renos can be challenging, but Garth McDaniel of Allenbrook says that as long as things are reasonably warm, there’s no specific time to start.

“It’s whenever people are ready to engage,” he says.

Lytle has seen another shift since the double whammy

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New Britain lottery will bring opportunity for first-time home ownership to two families

Two families on relatively low incomes will win a lottery in New Britain next month that will let them buy their first homes.


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The city is selling two houses on the East Side that it bought and extensively renovated, with each set to sell for tens of thousands of dollars below market rate.

New Britain isn’t looking to make money on the deal, though, city officials emphasized. Using federal funds, it periodically buys and rehabilitates homes and then sells them to first-time homebuyers who otherwise could not afford to own property.

“It’s a great boost for them. The people we sell to have never owned a home, so just doing this is a great self-esteem boost that they take pride in,” said Margaret Malinowski of the city’s economic development department.

Many communities around the country use lotteries to award low- or moderate-income apartment leases when demand is high,

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Android TV Android 11 update to bring speed, gamepad improvements

Even compared to Android Auto, Android’s TV incarnation hasn’t exactly been getting much attention, especially from Google itself. The past months, however, have been particularly interesting, especially with rumors around Google’s first Android TV dongle. As if heralding the arrival of that “Sabrina” device, Google has now announced the Android 11 update for Android TV, promising to bring a handful of improvements that will hopefully prepare the platform for the future.

With so many smart TV platforms out there, including those from Samsung (Tizen), LG (webOS), and Apple (tvOS), it isn’t really that surprising that Android TV hasn’t exactly caught on. Aside from access to streaming apps, which other platforms and set-top boxes also have, Android TV may not look like it has much else to offer. Of course, you have access to some popular Android apps but viewing them on a larger screen might not exactly be that attractive.

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