Look Out, Cable: T-Mobile Is Accelerating Its 5G Home Broadband Offering

Many investors know we’re at the beginning of the 5G era. 5G wireless technology has been hyped as the next big thing, with lightning-fast speeds and low latency enabling next-generation applications we can’t even think of yet.

Another potential use for 5G that’s more immediate and quantifiable? Replacing your broadband connection. Yet while the limits of 5G technology probably wouldn’t work in the crowded city today, 5G broadband may soon be making its way to the country.

Last week, T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) announced that it will be taking its home LTE broadband project and accelerating it in a big way across the United States. And it could come at AT&T‘s (NYSE:T) expense.

A mobile router sits on a table with a laptop behind it.

T-Mobile is going after the rural broadband market. Image source: Getty Images.

“450 Cities & Towns Left High-and-Dry by AT&T”

With its usual combative flair, T-Mobile said in a Thursday press release:

T-Mobile is throwing a lifeline to

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Broadband internet improvements expected to help thousands of Henderson County residents

HENDERSON, Ky. — The need for solid internet service in the county has never been greater than this year when a pandemic turned homes into offices and classrooms.

Pandemic Highlights The Stunning Number Of Americans Who Lack Broadband Internet



Without question, rural residents have struggled with slow or no internet capabilities. However, the Henderson County Fiscal Court received encouraging news this week.


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Henderson County Judge-executive Brad Schneider told the panel that within the next 12 months, thousands more county residents will have the opportunity for faster service or service in general.

He said a $340,000 grant from the Delta Regional Authority will pay for upgrades and more equipment for Q Wireless, which is internet service provided through a program initiated by the Green River Area Development District.

The upgrade, he said, will have a “terrific potential impact on the amount of people, in

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