How To Help Your Sales Teams Avoid Work-From-Home Burnout

I am CSO of the Bridge Group, responsible for sales and customer success.

While there are a lot of good and positive things about remote working (especially avoiding lengthy commutes and traffic), there are also downsides that we’ve never had to deal with before. At first, working at home was kind of a nice change. Many sales reps who used to travel three out of every four weeks of the month could now spend more time with their families or have more time to themselves. However, as the work-from-home situation continues, many of them are starting to feel even more isolated because they are not used to being at home this much. They miss being on the road, spending time with their team and visiting with clients face to face. It’s been a real adjustment.

Here are some tips to help your sales team feel connected and avoid

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Enthusiasts suffer cooking burnout 6 months into stay-at-home life, look for fresh ideas | Pune News

Pune: After participating in various social media challenges that gained momentum when the lockdown began, enthusiastically baking, plating and taking ‘Insta-worthy’ images, people are at their wit’s end trying to keep things interesting in the kitchen.
Six months after staying home, people are going through a cooking burnout. “I love to cook, but thinking of what to make has become frustrating of late. We’ve tried many different recipes from various cuisines — Mexican, Spanish, African, and so on, to shake things up between regular Indian home food. But even that has become boring now,” said a cooking enthusiast in the city.
Chef and restaurateur Rachel Goenka said, “It’s unfair to burden one person with deciding what to cook. We usually plan a menu in advance for the week. We think about splitting up the week into vegetarian and non-vegetarian days or deciding on what day you would like to cook
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5 Tips To Combat Work From Home Burnout

A pandemic, an election year, hurricanes, wildfires, social unrest—what more can we pile on to our 2020 experience? Most of us find ourselves working from home full-time while juggling homeschooling, pets, extended family and more. These are challenging times, especially for working parents. If you don’t foster healthy habits, it will be challenging to support the people around you, whether it’s family, friends, employees, clients or co-workers. That’s why it’s more important than ever to employ strategies to combat work from home burnout. Recently I connected with Denise Broady, HR expert and COO at Workforce Software, who shared her top tips to remain productive while still maintaining work-life balance.

Create a routine

Even though you might not be going to a physical office space, it’s crucial to develop a routine. Ensure you’re getting dressed every day (at least

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