Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Risks of Holiday Travel

These are the powerful and entirely valid feelings that public-health guidance will run up against when Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas arrive. Many people will, unlike Segura, act on those feelings, and it could be dangerous when they do so during the same roughly monthlong stretch of time.

How many people will leave home is an important question. In a typical year, about 50 million Americans travel at least 50 miles from home for Thanksgiving, according to AAA. In this atypical year, it’s not yet clear how large that number will be. On one hand, a survey from Morning Consult in early September found that just under half of Americans are scrapping their usual plans for holiday gatherings. And Gary Leff, a blogger who follows the airline industry closely, told me that based on airport foot traffic this year, he expects the number of flyers during Thanksgiving and Christmas to be

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Taliban Welcomes Trump’s Tweet on Promise to Bring U.S. Troops in Afghanistan ‘Home by Christmas’

The Taliban has welcomed the tweet by President Donald Trump pledging for U.S. troops in Afghanistan to return home before the end of the year, amid concerns that such a move could jeopardize the deal agreed earlier this year aimed at ending two decades of conflict.

a man in a military vehicle: U.S. soldiers arrives at the site of a car bomb attack in Kabul on September 24, 2017. President Donald Trump has vowed to have American troops there back home by Christmas.

© WAKIL KOHSAR/Getty Images
U.S. soldiers arrives at the site of a car bomb attack in Kabul on September 24, 2017. President Donald Trump has vowed to have American troops there back home by Christmas.

Just hours after Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, had said that U.S forces in the country would be halved to 2,500 by early 2021, Trump tweeted on Wednesday: “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!”

The Doha agreement struck in the Qatari capital between the Taliban and the U.S. in February was intended to allow the

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Trump says remaining troops should be home from Afghanistan by Christmas

In its own deal struck earlier this year with the Taliban, the Trump administration said it would remove all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by next spring if the Taliban complied with certain conditions, including a reduction in violence and the Taliban severing all relations with al-Qaeda militants.

Afghan government officials have said they see no evidence of such a break, and the level of violence has sharply increased in Afghanistan in recent months.

U.S. military officials last month announced that U.S. troop deployments would be reduced from about 8,600 to about 4,000 this fall but have said a full withdrawal would come only if conditions permit. U.S. forces in Afghanistan peaked around 100,000 under the Obama administration. Although they had fallen dramatically by the time Trump took office, he added several thousand early in his term on the recommendation of the military.

Earlier in the day, White House national security

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U.S. troops in Afghanistan should be ‘home by Christmas’: Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – All U.S. troops in Afghanistan should be “home by Christmas,” President Donald Trump said on Wednesday, just hours after his national security adviser said Washington would reduce its forces in Afghanistan to 2,500 by early next year.

A landmark deal between the United States and the Taliban in February said foreign forces would leave Afghanistan by May 2021 in exchange for counterterrorism guarantees from the Taliban, which agreed to negotiate a permanent ceasefire and a power-sharing formula with the Afghan government.

Trump and other officials have said the United States will go down to between 4,000 and 5,000 troops in Afghanistan around November.

Beyond that, officials have said that a reduction will depend on conditions in Afghanistan.

On Twitter, Trump said: “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!”

It was unclear whether Trump was giving

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Trump tweets troops in Afghanistan “should” be home by Christmas

President Trump on Wednesday tweeted that the U.S. troops in Afghanistan “should” be home by Christmas, but it’s unclear whether the president meant he’s ordering troops home, or rather he merely wants them to come home. 

Such a move would be against the current advice of his military commanders, who do not believe it is safe to go below 4,500 troops unless the Taliban breaks with al Qaeda and reduces the level of violence. In February, the U.S. and the Taliban signed a deal for American troops to withdraw in the spring of 2021. 

“We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!” the president tweeted Wednesday evening, shortly before the vice presidential debate. 

The administration already announced the U.S. would be pulling 1,200 troops from Iraq, as a part of the president’s follow through on his campaign promise

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Heartwarming Christmas Gift Ideas For Elderly Parents

It’s only two months away until Christmas time comes again. But for many of us, preparations for the perfect gift are already underway.

Now, if you’re reading this, you probably already know the grand gift you’re giving your elderly folks. It could be something for the kitchen for mom, or perhaps an accessory for dad’s toolshed in the garage. But if you want to add that extra smile on their faces and warmth in their heart, you don’t need to spend that much to do that.

This here could be a lot of fun, especially if you let your creativity run freely. But in case if you’re willing to spend a bit more, Quanta CBD has top-of-the-line affordable products that will be a great addition to the overall well-being of your beloved parents. That, in itself, is already a priceless gift they’re guaranteed to appreciate.

For Sentimental Parents: A Collection

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25 The Elf on the Shelf Ideas For Every December Day ‘Til Christmas

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Ah, the The Elf on the Shelf — the bane of so many parents’ holiday seasons. Maybe you have a love-hate relationship (or, OK, a hate-hate relationship) with the wily little guy. But chances are, your kids love him. And hey, the internet loves him. He’s basically the best thing to happen to holiday mischief since Santa himself.

Although it can be fun to come up with your own creative ideas for where to place the beloved/dreaded elf (and we encourage you to do so) it can also be a little… exhausting, to say the least. And nowadays, The Elf on the Shelf has so many accessories — Elfie’s even got his own pets — to keep this yearly activity fresh and exciting. Elfie can almost give Barbie a run for her money. So here are more than two dozen easy The Elf

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UK wants students to be able to go home for Christmas despite COVID

LONDON (Reuters) – The British government wants university students to be able to return home for Christmas, culture minister Oliver Dowden said on Sunday, amid concerns that restrictions on movement may be needed to curb the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Outbreaks have forced some institutions to ask students – many of whom are far from home and paying thousands of pounds for accommodation and teaching – to self-isolate in their rooms and follow lectures online.

Health minister Matt Hancock had said on Thursday he could not rule out asking students to stay on campus over Christmas to prevent the virus from spreading.

“I very much want students to be able to go home at Christmas,” Dowden told Sky News.

“We’re three months away from Christmas. We’ve announced a range of measures. We are constantly keeping this situation under review.”

The government is facing disquiet from some of its own

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