In a time where people are financially unstable, it’s no surprise that the scammers are out in full force.


We know that scams are rampant, but so many Americans still fall for them. Think you’re immune? Take Google’s scam spotter quiz and see if you can pass it.

You may have noticed that the number of robocalls slowed down when the pandemic hit. As call centers reopen around the world, robocalls are increasing. Tap or click here for proven ways to stop annoying robocalls for good.

Scammers have gotten more sinister. Here are five scams that are spreading now:


Scammers arise during disasters and crises and it’s no different during the ongoing pandemic. Be wary of COVID-19 scams on computers and smartphones.


Get $1,000 in COVID-19 relief

Many Facebook users have reported getting messages offering “COVID-19 relief grants.” The scammers pose as familiar contacts or