Hilo couple in custody after they allegedly tried to rob a home improvement store

HILO, Hawaii (KHON2) — Police on Hawaii Island charged a Hilo couple with robbery and other offenses after an incident that took place on Sept. 19.

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The Hawaii Police Department said that Spencer Jordan Feary, 33, and Taelilynn Mahinaohoku Harumi Leslie, 19, went into a home improvement store on Makaala Street in Hilo and then loaded a shopping cart with a number of store items.

Then, the two allegedly tried to leave the store without paying. But as they did, a store associate asked if they could confirm that they paid for the merchandise but a fight broke out. Police said that the couple assaulted the store employee.

The two then left the store without the merchandise, which was worth over $1,460.

On Sept. 29, police found Feary at a traffic stop and arrested him. Officials said

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Improvements in police custody arrangements in NI over past four years, inspectors found

THERE have been improvements in police custody arrangements in Northern Ireland over the past four years, inspectors have found.

In a report published today, inspectors said they had seen “examples of custody staff who were skilled and experienced in dealing with distressed, intoxicated and challenging people and circumstances”.

The inspection by Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI) and the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) examined how detainees were treated while in police custody and the conditions in which they were held.

Jacqui Durkin, chief inspector of CJI, said: “This inspection found that progress had been made since our last inspection in 2016 to improve the governance arrangements and the strategic management of police custody”.

Inspectors also recommended a roll-out of nurse-led health care provision across the north, which focuses on the “health and wellbeing of the detained person”.

The service was piloted at Musgrave custody suite in Belfast in

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