David Bacon House: Bacon’s Hollywood Hills Castle Hill Mansion

Unsolved murders are all too commonplace in Hollywood. The vast majority have become infamous. Say “Black Dhalia,” “Thelma Todd,” or “William Desmond Taylor” to anyone and they’ll likely start spewing theories and suspects. Some, though, have managed to fly under the radar, but remain no less mysterious. Take the 1943 slaying of David Bacon, for instance, the actor best known (posthumously) for having played the titular character in Republic Pictures’ “The Masked Marvel.” Even those well-versed in Hollywood lore have most likely never heard of David (born Gaspar Griswold Bacon Jr.) or his murder. I only became aware of the case last year thanks to an “Entertainment Weekly” story titled “Who Killed the Masked Marvel?” that a friend, who shares my affinity for true crime and locations, tore out and sent to me. Scrawled next to a photo of Bacon’s former Hollywood Hills residence that ran atop the

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Antiques dealer David Duncan chops price of design-district townhouse

David Duncan knows how to light up a room. Now the lighting and antiques guru has cut the price of his townhouse at 247 E. 60th St. to $6.8 million — down from its $8.5 million asking price in July of 2019.

The four-story, 4,808-square-foot townhouse is in the heart of the Upper East Side’s design district, which lines 60th Street between Second and Third avenues.

“This neighborhood has been the design center of New York for decades and this block has long been home to antiques dealers,” he told the New York Times in 2014.

David Duncan
David DuncanPatrick McMullan/PMC/PMC

The Minnesota native told the Times he was very “pragmatic” and sold his Park Avenue apartment and Connecticut weekend home to afford the 60th Street townhouse, which he bought for $3.56 million in 2004 and then renovated to accommodate his showroom and own home.

At the time, he reasoned, the

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