Isometric exercises: Definition, benefits, and examples

Isometric exercises are exercises that involve the contraction of muscles without any movement in the surrounding joints. The constant tension on the muscles may help improve muscle endurance and support dynamic exercises.

Most muscle strengthening exercises involve moving the joints, using the muscles to push or pull against resistance. However, isometric exercises involve holding static positions for long periods of time.

This article will discuss what isometric exercises are and provide some examples.

Isometric exercises place tension on particular muscles without moving the surrounding joints. By applying constant tension to the muscles, isometric exercises can be useful for improving physical endurance and posture by strengthening and stabilizing the muscles.

There are two types of muscle contraction: isotonic and isometric. Isotonic contractions occur when muscles become shorter or longer against resistance, and tension remains the same. Isometric contractions occur when tension increases but the muscle remains at a constant length.


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