Oregon environmentalist’s remains found after Beachie Creek Fire destroyed his home

The remains of missing environmentalist George Atiyeh were found after the Beachie Creek Fire consumed his property and the area around his home, his daughter confirmed on Facebook Friday.

a man holding a phone: Environmentalist George Atiyeh was last seen on September 7.

© Courtesy Scott Fogarty
Environmentalist George Atiyeh was last seen on September 7.

Atiyeh, 72, was last seen on September 7 before the Beachie Creek Fire exploded during overnight hours in the area where his home was located.

“The Atiyeh family has received confirmation from the Marion County Sheriff’s office, that the remains found on George Atiyeh’s property, was in fact him,” Aniese Mitchell, Atiyeh’s daughter, posted on Facebook late Friday night.

Mitchell thanked friends, family and the community for their support during this time and asked that any donations made in her father’s honor be directed to Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center.

The Beachie Creek Fire began August 16 in the Opal Creek Wilderness, about 2 miles south of

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TN Fireplace & Chimney provides fall safety tips ahead of National Fire Prevention Week

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TN Fireplace & Chimney, East Tennessee’s leading chimney care company and a proud supporter of Tennessee football, is speaking out on fall fireplace safety ahead of the National Fire Protection Association’s National Fire Prevention Week, which will be held Oct. 4-10.

“Obstructions and damaged equipment are leading factors in many chimney fires,” said Josh Cate, owner of TN Fireplace & Chimney. “Performance issues like smoke, a lack of ventilation or reduced heat output often indicate a serious safety risk. But most chimney fires are preventable, and a regular maintenance schedule will help homeowners keep their fireplace or stove running efficiently and safely.”

Cate and the TN Fireplace & Chimney team recommend the following safety tips for families planning to use fireplaces or stoves this year:

  • Burn only dry, seasoned firewood: Green, freshly cut wood is hard to ignite, smolders and
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    Best fire pits for 2020: BioLite, Solo Stove, Tiki and more

    Life may be full of stress these days, but you’d be surprised by the things you can do to blow off a little steam. One surefire way is to take daily walks. Another is to unwind in front of a crackling campfire. You don’t need to hike into the woods to enjoy this cozy orange glow. Nor do you need to build a permanent fire pit from heavy materials like stones or bricks. Instead, get a fire pit that’s portable. These products are sold by lots of retailers, including Lowe’s, Amazon and Home Depot. Plus, many fire pit manufacturers sell their wares directly.

    These transportable fireplaces range widely in price, size and weight. There are inexpensive $60 models and high-performance pits that’ll set you back as much as $350. You can even spend $1,500 or more on fancy propane-burning fire pits. 


    In the market for a fire

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    Gather Round the Fire! RB73 Quaruba Outdoor Fireplaces

    The summer is drawing to a close, and with pandemic concerns, nothing is better than a cozy evening at home with family. Many of those evenings will call for a nice fire and to make this possible with timeless design from Holland company who produce modern wood burning outdoor fireplaces.

    The RB73 company prides themselves on design in the realm of fireplaces, and offers solutions to enjoy a beautiful flame year round. Fireplaces like the Quaruba let you spend more time together outside without the fear of confined spaces. You can have a socially distanced gathering with a few close friends while the fire provides a conversational focal point.

    RB73’s Quaruba comes as a 4-Sided glass fireplace that shares a good view from every angle. Its closed in design, and chimney keeps the smoke, ash, or sparks contained so the party continues comfortably. Coming in a stationary, and mobile versions,

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