Bohnett Park to Close for Renovation, Storm Water Treatment Project | Local News

October 12, 2020
| 12:10 p.m.

Bohnett Park in Santa Barbara is scheduled to close beginning Thursday, Oct. 15 for construction of a park improvement and storm water treatment project.

The park improvement project, developed with extensive community input, includes the installation of new turf and landscaping, irrigation, picnic tables along Old Mission Creek, barbecue grills, trash and coal receptacles, accessible park entrance and walkways, and new streetscape fencing.

“Bohnett Park is a key recreational area for the Westside,” said Parks and Recreation director Jill Zachary. “We are pleased to be moving forward with a project that will make the park more usable for all.”

The storm water improvement portion of the project includes the installation of underground gravel filled chambers that will capture, treat and infiltrate storm water runoff from the neighborhood surrounding Bohnett Park.

Retaining the storm water on site and allowing it to slowly infiltrate into the

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Home remodels are booming in Santa Fe | Local News

The perfect storm of home renovations is upon us.

So many people are spending so much time at home these days that a dwelling’s imperfections become that much more apparent.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and a home sales boom in which buyers are willing to invest in long-term changes once they get the keys, Santa Fe remodeling companies are booked solid with orders.

“It’s in hyperdrive right now,” said Steve Pompei, owner of Pompei’s Home Remodeling in Santa Fe. “I am stacking jobs into next summer. My lead time is usually two to three months.”

Remodeling in Santa Fe boomed during the last recession a dozen years ago, an outgrowth of what then was a home-sales bust. Many of those builders-turned-remodelers remain in the game and say they find themselves with plenty of work in the COVID age.

“The only thing that has happened in COVID is

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Local Eats: Grand Blanc’s Grafted Root Eatery features home cooking and a full bar

GRAND BLANC, MI — For the past six years, Michele Matthews has crafted her business to simulate the same atmosphere of her home: a cozy feel with mix-and-match chairs, hearty meals and an array of alcoholic beverages.

Grafted Root Eatery in Grand Blanc is known for its locally sourced ingredients and meals from scratch.

“It’s basically home cooking,” said Matthews. “I was a stay at home wife and mom before I opened up this. So everything is basically how I cooked at home and I was raised to cook everything from scratch, not pre-processed. I try to buy as much local as I can.”

Related: New restaurant and bar ‘The Grafted Root Eatery’ to open in Grand Blanc

The breakfast and lunch eatery serves up its staple items like banana bread, cherry walnut French toast, bacon and Swiss cheese quiche, salads and soups. It also features a full bar with

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Local union contractors help woman with home repair gone wrong

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – In June of this year 81-year-old Dodi Sawyer hired a home improvement company to do some repairs. She says the contractor expanded the project, dismantled portions of the house, and made it unlivable. During the process she and her insurance company spent $11,000 for an unfinished job.

a dirty old room: Local contractors help woman who dealt with a home repair disaster.

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Local contractors help woman who dealt with a home repair disaster.

A group of local contractors from the Associated General Contractors of Northwest Ohio got word of Sawyer’s situation and decided to help.


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“I was having the plumbing re-done and the electric re-done and that turned into three months of destruction of the inside, throwing away my kitchen appliances, and taking down my shower and leaving me with nothing but empty rooms,” Sawyer said.

Mike Gibson, a local carpenter with Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters said, “I was taught at

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Local designers’ tips for creating a cozy, comforting home, indoors and out

Robert Cipollone made a bouquet of autumn leaves for his desk. He gathered branches with a bit of moss on them. He added some pebbles to a clay bowl. 

“It just looks really sophisticated and uniquely different — and I would never have done it any other time except COVID,” says Cipollone, principal at Cipollone Creative, an interior architecture firm in Seattle.

He finds these small mementos of nature on walks, and brings them home so that the day feels more special. After a week or so, the objects go back outside to be composted or reused.

“You’re gathering things you wouldn’t normally bring in,” says Cipollone, who is working from home. “It reminds you, this year’s different. ‘Oh, these are unique to today’s experience.’ I want this day to feel different from yesterday.”

With so much happening in the world, having control over your space — even just to

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Local organizations help a veteran in need with home repairs | News

LOGANVILLE, Ga. (CBS46) — CBS46 is always fighting for our vets and getting results, this time we are helping a veteran dealing with a cancer diagnosis, a family death and battling his homeowners association.

“It’s been a little tough this year,” said 71-year-old Vietnam Veteran Charles Myers. 2020 has been extremely difficult for Myers. First he lost his son to pneumonia and then he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  

“At first it was just a suspicion, so I went to my urologist and she spotted something that looked like it was cancer. So, I had to be diagnosed and when anyone find out they have cancer they’re going to be scared you know,” added Myers.

In the midst of all of that, Myers’ home has deteriorated to the point that his HOA is now forcing him to make repairs.

“The house needs a lot of work, if you notice on

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Contractors busy with home improvement work | Local News

Business is booming for local home improvement companies and contractors as the pandemic leads prospective customers to spend more time at home and spend less money on vacations. 

Paul Warren, who lives on Burningtree Mountain in Decatur, hired ESS Concrete and Design of Decatur to create a larger patio and make a walkway from his driveway this summer.

“It was a project we wanted to have done, and it probably would have been done in the fall,” Warren said. “But because of the pandemic, it sped things up.”

Zac Lott, owner of ESS, said his business picked up substantially two or three weeks after the coronavirus shutdown was ordered in mid-March. He said his work is up 25% because of the pandemic.

“Money is good right now,” he said. “People were going to work, but some are now home all day and are spending their stimulus checks. … The number

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$4.4 million in improvements recommended for Portage airport; City costs estimated at $300,000 | Local Government

The current design of the airport is functional for small aircrafts that can seat up to six passengers.

The city has three development options to upgrade the airport. The first would cost approximately $4.4 million and would require the city to acquire nearby land. City costs for that option would be about $300,000 due to the availability of state and federal funds. 

Option one would include shortening the usable length of the runways, from about 3,700 feet to 3,300 feet and redeveloping current hangers and terminals to bring the airport into safety compliance with the FAA.

“This is the safety and compliance option,” said Watson. “It does not impact any surrounding roads, it does not impact any surrounding residential property. Overall, of the options, this is the least impactful option.”

While this option is the most inexpensive and least disruptive to residents and nearby homes, it would decrease the usable

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$4.4M in improvements recommended for Portage airport | Local Government

Portage Municipal Airport needs upgrades to qualify for federal funds and meet potential needs of businesses and recreational aviators, according to findings from a 2018 study.

The city, along with TKDA Engineering out of Downers Grove, Illinois, presented the findings of a use study and plans to upgrade the airport at 1011 Silver Lake Drive, to residents in a public meeting Tuesday night. About 15 people attended including Mayor Rick Dodd.

The use study was conducted

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