NHS Doctors Ditch Cars For E-Bikes To Hasten Home Visits

Doctors were among the earliest adopters of the newfangled motorcar. An early-1900s medical man in a motor car (and, yes, most were men) extended his reach, allowing him to arrive at destinations in some comfort, and, compared to traveling by horse-and-cart, enabled many more house calls per day—with each call-out attracting a fat fee.

The creation of the NHS in 1948 did away with such fees, but still, doctors preferred to dot around in their motor cars—for the first half of the Twentieth Century, the person most Britons associated with car ownership was the local doctor.

With mass car ownership, the benefits of motoring have been slowly eroded for all. Swift, door-to-door travel was available to the first motorists but today’s cohort cause, and therefore have to contend with, chronic traffic congestion. Add in draconian parking restrictions—draconian

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