Oregon couple loses dream home in wildfire

With only minutes to spare, Christine Core and her husband evacuated their home along the McKenzie River. It was a home they had planned a lifetime for.

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — As E.B. White famously wrote, “there is often a rather fine line between laughing and crying.” It’s a fine line Christine Core knows well.

“Oh yeah, the gamut of emotions is just all over the place,” she said.

But these days, she is choosing to laugh. On Tuesday, it was over a Facebook post joking about a car for sale in fire-ravaged Blue River.

“That car is going to sell in a hot flash,” she laughed. “What are you going to do?”

It’s that attitude that has helped Core get through the last week. The Holiday Farm Fire forced her and her husband John to evacuate their home on the McKenzie River.

“It was an inferno,” she recalled. “It

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Oregon State AD Scott Barnes says Reser Stadium renovation project remains on schedule

Oregon State athletic director Scott Barnes joined me on the radio show this week to talk about the upcoming football season and the Reser Stadium remodel project.

Listen to the full interview here.

Barnes said the pandemic has not affected the $140 million project, which is expected to be completed in 2023 and improve the west side of the stadium.

“The donors who want to participate in this project are still there,” Barnes said. “None of this has changed.”

On out-of-control athletic department spending nationally:

“We have to get our head around this. It’s not sustainable. We have to find a way to manage it and to course-correct in some form or fashion… it’s something that is not sustainable.”

On potentially trying to make-up the canceled football game with Oklahoma State:

“That final decision hasn’t been made. We’ll look at all the options and make a decision based on what’s

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Oregon environmentalist’s remains found after Beachie Creek Fire destroyed his home

The remains of missing environmentalist George Atiyeh were found after the Beachie Creek Fire consumed his property and the area around his home, his daughter confirmed on Facebook Friday.

a man holding a phone: Environmentalist George Atiyeh was last seen on September 7.

© Courtesy Scott Fogarty
Environmentalist George Atiyeh was last seen on September 7.

Atiyeh, 72, was last seen on September 7 before the Beachie Creek Fire exploded during overnight hours in the area where his home was located.

“The Atiyeh family has received confirmation from the Marion County Sheriff’s office, that the remains found on George Atiyeh’s property, was in fact him,” Aniese Mitchell, Atiyeh’s daughter, posted on Facebook late Friday night.

Mitchell thanked friends, family and the community for their support during this time and asked that any donations made in her father’s honor be directed to Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center.

The Beachie Creek Fire began August 16 in the Opal Creek Wilderness, about 2 miles south of

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How this Oregon designer delegated so she could get back to design

The 50 States Project is a yearlong series of candid conversations with interior designers, state by state, about how they’ve built their businesses. Today, we’re chatting with Portland, Oregon–based Jessica Helgerson, founder of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, about developing a three-pronged criteria for project selection, the challenges of balancing residential and commercial work, and why she’s open about her politics on Instagram.

Several designers I’ve interviewed who started their careers working for you have told me that the office environment you created empowered them to start their own firms. What’s the secret to that kind of working relationship with your team?

I generally lead from behind. I try to see where people shine and what they’re good at, and then support [them in] the sides that are trickier for them. I think our firm does better work if we’re nurturing creativity and making people feel confident about their

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Oregon State’s Reser Stadium remodeling project now carries a $140 million price tag, down from $175 million

The cost to remodel the aging west side of Oregon State’s Reser Stadium has fallen substantially during the past year.

Oregon State athletic director Scott Barnes said earlier this week that the price tag to remodel Reser Stadium is now $140 million. That’s down 20 percent from a projected cost of $175 million at the outset of the project.

Barnes said the project cost is a moving target, and the initial cost of $175 million was conservative estimate. But in the university’s request for proposal document released Oct. 15, 2019, it states the project cost as approximately $175 million, with a direct construction budget of approximately $122 million.

What changed?

Some of it is fine-tuning the project, Barnes said. A more accurate design and better knowing the scope and scale led to a more informed number for remodeling Reser.

The pandemic, oddly, has helped too. It led to market conditions

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