Parents of brain-dead baby seeking to keep his heart beating at home

A Harris County family is asking Texas Children’s to allow them to provide home-based mechanical support to maintain heart function of their 10-month-old son deemed brain-dead by hospital doctors.

The request seeks to resolve a conflict in which parents Mario and Ana Patricia Torres went to court in an attempt to require that Texas Children’s continue treatment to 10-month-old Nick, whom they brought to the hospital after he was found unconscious and unresponsive in a bathtub on Sept. 24. They made the request Friday after a state appeals court agreed with the hospital that the child is deceased and denied the family’s appeal. The ruling allows Texas Children’s to unplug the ventilator Monday.

“Immediately allow the parents to take Baby Nick home with them to care for him in hospice,” Kevin Acevedo, the Torres family’s lawyer, demanded in a letter Friday. “They are prepared to sign any and all legal

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We asked Washington Post kids what it’s like having their parents at home all the time

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Heartwarming Christmas Gift Ideas For Elderly Parents

It’s only two months away until Christmas time comes again. But for many of us, preparations for the perfect gift are already underway.

Now, if you’re reading this, you probably already know the grand gift you’re giving your elderly folks. It could be something for the kitchen for mom, or perhaps an accessory for dad’s toolshed in the garage. But if you want to add that extra smile on their faces and warmth in their heart, you don’t need to spend that much to do that.

This here could be a lot of fun, especially if you let your creativity run freely. But in case if you’re willing to spend a bit more, Quanta CBD has top-of-the-line affordable products that will be a great addition to the overall well-being of your beloved parents. That, in itself, is already a priceless gift they’re guaranteed to appreciate.

For Sentimental Parents: A Collection

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Parents sue Louisiana school district after 4th grader suspended for BB gun during virtual class at home

The parents of a Louisiana fourth grader suspended over a BB gun in his bedroom visible during a virtual class have sued the school district, the family attorney says.

a man holding a laptop: Ka'Mauri Harrison, 9, pictured in his Louisiana home participating in virtual learning.

© Family photo
Ka’Mauri Harrison, 9, pictured in his Louisiana home participating in virtual learning.

The lawsuit filed Friday against the Jefferson Parish School Board and officials on behalf of the family of Ka’Mauri Harrison seeks damages of at least $50,000 for “mental pain, suffering, anguish and embarrassment, humiliation and loss of self-esteem, future counseling and tutoring and lost income,” the lawsuit said.

The child, 9, was suspended after a teacher saw what turned out to be a BB gun in his screen during virtual class last month. The school board during a September 22 hearing found Ka’Mauri “guilty of displaying a facsimile weapon while receiving virtual instruction from Woodmere Elementary School,” according to the lawsuit.

Jefferson Parish Schools told

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How Silicon Valley is switching up lavish in-office perks to benefit parents working from home

a group of people sitting at a table: Xavier Laine/Getty Images

© Provided by Business Insider
Xavier Laine/Getty Images

  • Silicon Valley has long been known for its lavish employee perks, like on-site fitness classes and free meals. 
  • But as the coronavirus crisis continues to keep workers at home, many tech companies are shifting from fun perks to accommodating benefits — particularly for working parents. 
  • Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Salesforce have started offering benefits like free back-up childcare, extra paid caregiver leave, and subsidized memberships to childcare and tutoring services. 
  • Experts say the emphasis on helping working parents may have been spurred by the pandemic, but will stick around even after life begins to return to normal. 
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When much of corporate America shifted to remote work six months ago, it initially seemed like it could be to the advantage of working parents. But working from home came with a new slew of

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How parents working from home can ask their boss for more flexibility

  • As the school year begins, many parents are struggling more than ever to balance their work schedules with their kids’ virtual or in-person classes.
  • While most companies are open of COVID-related adjustments, it can be challenging to ask your boss for childcare accommodations.
  • Start by explaining your situation, and come prepared with very specific asks about how to make working from home easier. 
  • Whether it’s breaking your day into time blocks or compromising on deadlines, be firm with your requests but also keep an open mind when discussing solutions with your employer.  
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Rebecca Kallman is the head of brand management at Argonaut, a San Francisco-based advertising agency. She’s also the mom of two very busy kids, ages six and three and a half. When the pandemic hit, she faced many of the same struggles so many other working parents have now that everyone

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California firefighter finishes 60-hour shift and then rushes to help save his girlfriend’s parents’ home

Firefighter Grant Newnom was driving home after a 60-hour shift with the San Jose Fire Department when his girlfriend, Elise Jones, called to tell him a wildfire was threatening her parents’ home.

a group of people in a dark room: Firefighters arrived as Grant Newnom was working to protect his girlfriend's parents' home in Santa Rosa, California.

© Courtesy Grant Newnom
Firefighters arrived as Grant Newnom was working to protect his girlfriend’s parents’ home in Santa Rosa, California.

She was having Sunday dinner with her parents, John and Ardys Jones, at their house in Santa Rosa when they got the order to evacuate, Newnom said.


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They were playing board games and cards when “all their phones went off at the exact same time,” he said.

“They looked outside and they could actually see the glow,” Newnom said.

The wildfire became part of the Glass Fire — a rapidly-moving blaze that has burned about 42,600 acres since Sunday and forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate in the wine country of Napa and

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Chefs are parents, too. Here are their tips if your kitchen is now a makeshift school cafeteria

Yahya Noor from East Boston’s Tawakal Halal Café has seven kids — four of whom started virtual class last week — so he knows what he’s talking about.

“Think about it like going to school all day, where you don’t have the option to just go to the cafeteria,” he says. Instead, he packs Tupperware containers of lunches and snacks the night before for easy distribution at set times so his kids don’t get distracted. A favorite? Basmati rice with wild-caught salmon from Market Basket (his go-to grocery store), mozzarella cheese sticks, and grapes.

Yahya Noor of Tawakal Halal Café.
Yahya Noor of Tawakal Halal Café.Handout

Get creative at breakfast

If your kid eats on the fly, use breakfast as the main meal. Valentine Howell from Krasi in the Back Bay has an 11-year-old daughter with an “eclectic” palate and a remote curriculum in Roslindale. He fashions breakfast “sushi” with a banana rolled in Greek

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I moved into my in-laws’ home. My husband wants to pay his parents’ mortgage, but it will come out of my income. How can I protect myself?

Dear Moneyist,

I got married recently and moved into my husband’s house that he shares with his parents. (His name and his parents’ name are on the deed.) Currently, we pay a small amount for rent, but my husband hopes to take on the mortgage of the house over the next couple of years. I am the breadwinner, and so the majority (or even all) of the money that would go towards the mortgage would be coming from me.

Before fully committing to this, are there any precautions I need to take? Or what are the risks I could be facing? I am worried about what would happen if I end up paying off their home, and they want to sell it or my in-laws pass away, or if they decide to give their share of the house to my husband’s sister, or if my husband and I separate (which

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