No Home, No Wi-Fi: Pandemic Adds to Strain on Poor College Students

Mr. Sawyer, who wants to become a pastor, is using his time off to work for civil rights organizations and to fund-raise so that he can re-enroll in the spring and obtain a doctorate in theology. “It’s definitely a delay, but sometimes stumbling blocks come,” he said.

Many students like Mr. Sawyer have been looking for alternative ways to pay for their education. As the coronavirus was closing campuses this past spring, Rise, a student-led organization that advocates college affordability, created an online network to help students find emergency financial aid, apply for public benefits and locate food pantries.

Rise has continued to serve more than 1,000 students a month who have struggled to pay rent, keep jobs and secure internet access, said Max Lubin, the organization’s chief executive. “We’re overwhelmed by the need,” he said.

Stable housing and healthy food were already major concerns before the pandemic. A 2019

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Some of Hong Kong’s poor finally feel at home in 290 sq ft modules

HONG KONG (Reuters) – When Lau Kai Fai, his wife and teenage son moved into a new Hong Kong flat last month, he thought the 290 square feet (27 square metres) of space in his “module home” felt like “winning the lottery.”

Among the first Hong Kongers to move into such prefabricated dwellings, built as a transition for people awaiting public housing, Lau’s family more than tripled the space they had squeezed into. Now they sit together for meals, rather than eating in turns.

While tiny by the standards of many cities in rich countries, the new home represents a big step up – even if temporary – for Lau, 70, in one of the most crowded urban areas in the world.

“It feels like a home,” Lau said. “The previous flat was only a place to sleep.”

Lau is the beneficiary of Hong Kong’s latest initiative to ease a

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Letter: Poor response to protests does not show leadership | Letters

A new homeowner is going to hang a heavy picture on the wall. He picks up his hammer and nail and proceeds to drive the nail into the wall. It only goes through the drywall and stops. He never stops hitting the nail to discover that there was concrete behind the drywall. If he investigated to find out what is behind the wall, he would then understand the problem. He could then apply a different strategy.

In the same way, Donald Trump continues to preach law and order, vilifies protesters, etc. He does not seem interested to do the difficult task of fixing the problem that is causing the nail to continue to bend. He should, as elected leader, work for justice for all.

The calls for more police, more National Guard, encouraging vigilantes is just beating the nail into concrete. Working to ensure that all Americans feel they are

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