H2O Waterproofing Birmingham Partners with Acorn Finance To Offer Easy Access To Home Remedial Schemes – Press Release

“At H2O Waterproofing, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best customer experience, one waterproofing job at a time. – H2O Waterproofing”

In a bid to provide more pocket-friendly waterproofing services to its customers, H2O waterproofing LLC has partnered up with leading financial service agency, Acorn Finance. With an increasing demand for waterproofing around homes and offices, the team at the agency has identified this partnership as a way to bolster their offers and attract customers who are interested in home improvement.

Most homeowners report that water intrusion is their worst fear. This is understandable considering that moisture causes ugly stains and damage to walls, and in severe circumstances, structural foundations can be threatened. A representative at H2O Waterproofing disclosed that unwanted water intrusion is mostly caused by unfortified and weak structures or roofs. With the right quality of waterproofing, sealants, and remediation measures in place, the damage

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123 Remodeling Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation – Press Release

Chicago, IL, United States – Becoming an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau is an honor not accorded to all businesses; because not all companies meet eligibility standards. 123 Remodeling is pleased to announce today that it has met all BBB standards and is now an Accredited Business.

“Accreditation in the BBB is by invitation only,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “And only those businesses that meet our high standards and pass the review process are approved by our Board of Directors.”

As with all businesses that are Accredited by the BBB, 123 Remodeling has committed to the BBB Code of Business Practices.  The Code is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and best practices for treating consumers. These standards call for building trust, embodying integrity, advertising honestly, and being truthful. Bernas adds, “To maintain their Accreditation

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Essential Home Improvement Ideas & Trends 2020 – Press Release

Home improvement renovates the style of your house and increases its beauty. Home improvement has gushed all over the world and is changing the house interior in America.

Home improvement or renovation is the concept that revolves around remodeling or making new additions to an existing home. It is a process and an activity that entirely renews your home’s interior, exterior, and other small infrastructures. The activities involved in the home improvement process are painting, remodeling, repairing, altering, restoring, moving, & modernizing and lots & lots of research for each of those decisions. There’s no better place for deep research on home improvement related topics than HOD9.com, but more on that later.

Change is very important to refresh and add new value to our life. Home improvement is considered essential as it takes proper care of your house. Moreover, it adds a lot of additional value to your house by

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Wagner Metal Roofing & Remodeling committed to Safety & Customer Service – Press Release

“The Team of Wagner Metal Roofing & Remodeling during their weekly safety briefing & training and discussing upcoming jobs.”

Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling is a full-service construction company centrally located in Oakwood, OH. Brett Wagner created the company over 10-years ago to service the community with high-quality, ethical construction services. Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling just began with Brett Wagner and some friends working together in a shop. Since creating the business, Wagner and his team have flourished in numbers, services, and experience.

Northwest Ohio’s Leading Metal Roofing Company

Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling is rated the leading metal roofing company with the number one metal roofing contractors in Ohio. Metal roofing contractors employed at the construction company are certified by the Metal Construction Association to ensure premium performance. Although this construction company specializes in metal roofing, they offer various other services. From steel roofing and siding services to

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Naples Inventor Captures the Attention of AsSeenOnTV.pro and a Founder of the TV show Shark Tank – Press Release

Naples, Florida – DryClip Corp is launching a new technology that will change the construction industry, particularly the drywall industry, for contractors, handymen, property maintenance, and simple homeowners.  The hands-on inventor, Mr. Harry Ruiz, has spent two years creating every aspect, from an idea and initial design to testing, redesigning, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and shipping. Recently, Ruiz was awarded a “Notice of Allowance”, granting him Utility Patent status on his invention, DryClip.

DryClip caught the attention of AsSeenOnTV.pro and their team of Product Managers.  One of AsSeenOnTV.pro’s Executive Producers is Mr. Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks on the popular ABC television show, Shark Tank.  Mr. Harrington’s team ran DryClip through an evaluation process. They were impressed by all the problems it solved, and the ease of use with remarkably simple installation, stating, “DryClip is one of the smartest products we’ve seen recently within the DIY category.”  Once

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Capital Industries Shares When to Repair Concrete Ceilings – Press Release

MATTITUCK, N.Y., Aug 25, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Capital Industries, a leader in concrete ceiling crack repair, wants industries to be aware of how recognizing ceiling cracks can save time, money, and valuable property.

Structures are subject to movement over time. Causes of movement include a range of circumstances, including groundwork settlement, weather, moisture, and more. In general, ceiling cracks are the result of either structural damage or aging.

Causes of Ceiling Cracks

1. Moisture

Heavy moisture can significantly damage a ceiling, resulting in water seeping through the roof or upper floors and trickling down. After the initial damage, temperature fluctuation can make matters worse. Moisture will make structures expand and falling temperatures will cause them to contract. These are stressors on materials and joints, leading to cracks.

2. Excessive Weight

Cracked ceilings can be the result of the space above bearing too much weight. The aftereffect of

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DC Basement Remodeling Company Opens New Location In Washington, DC – Press Release

Monumental Contractors | Northern VA Design & Build Contractors

Monumental Contractors, a basement remodeling company, recently opened a new location in Washington, DC, where they will provide detailed workmanship to carry out their client’s vision.

Washington, DC – September 8, 2020 – Monumental Contractors, a Washington DC basement remodeling company, recently opened a new location in Washington, DC, where they will provide detailed workmanship to carry out their client’s basement remodeling vision. Basement remodeling aims to improve the functionality and aesthetic of a client’s home by transforming unfinished space.

The basement remodeling company also specializes in remodeling other living spaces in homes, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Monumental Contractor’s goal is to ease the stress of a client who might find remodeling a space to be overwhelming and completes projects both in a timely manner and within the specified budget. In addition, Monumental Contractors are skilled in restoring homes from

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San Fernando Valley General Contractors Vows to Continue Offering Exemplary Kitchen Remodeling Services – Press Release

San Fernando Valley General Contractors have announced that they would continue offering exemplary kitchen remodelling services to the locals. The company, which specializes in quality construction services, believes that this will add more value to homes as well as make kitchen spaces more livable. Currently, the team specializes in building services such as foundations, flooring, new construction, additions, home remodelling, attic renovation, among others.

Encino, CA – September 9, 2020 – San Fernando Valley General Contractors, a team of skilled contractors based in San Fernando Valley, has assured the locals that they would continue providing quality kitchen remodelling services. The general contractors in the San Fernando Valley say that the services will be unmatched and second to none in the construction industry. The construction experts believe that this will make the services more accessible and closer to people. The general contractors also affirm that the services will add more value

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Beyond Construction Builders Maximizes Spaces While Minimizing Costs – Press Release

San Jose, CA – Sep 12, 2020 – The old adage “You get what you pay for,” is a concept that Beyond Construction Builders (BCB) takes very seriously. Specializing in kitchens and bathrooms, the company is dedicated to providing exceptional service and integrity in building.

BCB’s comprehensive experience enables clients to optimize their projects and minimize costs while creating highly functional and sophisticated spaces. The philosophy at Beyond Construction Builders is one of Integrity, Commitment, Safety and Value. The knowledgeable experts have access to an outstanding range of materials that will provide the durability and fashionable appearance that discerning clients want.

The company offers a line of solid frame, semi-custom cabinets from which to choose from. Available in nine different styles, the cabinets feature hardware from the well-known German manufacturer Blum. Clients can also select from among six European-style frameless kitchen cabinets.

The company offers an extensive array of pre-construction

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22-Year-Old CEO on Remodeling Homes and Building a Legacy – Press Release

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / Success is a product of years of discipline. Since his teenage years, stock trader Matthew Bonnafoux has dived into several business ventures. He learned through his experiences, faced many obstacles, and had to overcome failure. Today, Matthew is the CEO of Elite Luxury Design, one of the leading companies in the home renovation scene in New Mexico.

Matthew grew up with a goal to succeed as a stock trader and entrepreneur. Now at 22, he is managing his own luxury home remodeling company. After three months into the business, the company has earned over $150,000 under Matthew’s leadership and his team’s unparalleled performance. Elite Luxury Design is currently valued at $2.4 million, and it continues to expand its influence nationwide.

Elite Luxury Design is known for its incredible quality of work. “We follow core and valuable morals and ethics such

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