China’s Mars Probe Tianwen-1 Sends Home Selfies Captured 15 Million Miles From Earth


  • The CNSA released new selfies of Tianwen-1 captured 15 million miles away from Earth
  • The Mars probe took images of itself using a tiny camera ejected from the spacecraft
  • Tianwen-1 is expected to reach the red planet in February 2021

Talk about a clever way to take self-portraits in space! Tianwen-1 has snapped some selfies while in outer space using a camera ejected from its spacecraft.

While on its way to Mars, Tianwen-1 sent home new images of itself captured 15 million miles away from Earth. They were released by the China National Space Administration earlier this month as part of the country’s national day celebrations.

The small camera the Mars probe used to snap selfies had wide-angle lenses on each side and took one photo every second. It sends the images it takes to Tianwen-1, which would then transmit the pictures to Earth.

One of the many

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2 former Holyoke Soldiers’ Home officials face charges in state probe

The former superintendent and medical director of the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home are both facing criminal charges in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak at the facility that killed at least 76 veterans, state Attorney General Maura Healey said Friday.

a train traveling down train tracks near a building: The Holyoke Soldiers' Home.

© Patrick Johnson
The Holyoke Soldiers’ Home.

Bennett Walsh, 50, the former superintendent, and Dr. David Clinton, 71, were indicted Thursday on 10 criminal neglect charges each, Healey’s office said. They’ll be arraigned in Hampden Superior Court at a later date. Neither man has been taken into custody.

Speaking at a late-morning news conference, Healey said the case against the two men is believed to be the first prosecution in the country stemming from an outbreak at a nursing home. And, she said, more probes are ongoing in Massachusetts.

“We have active and ongoing investigations into a number of facilities across the state,” she said.

Asked if anyone else would be

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