New funding expands Home HeadQuarters grant, loan programs for homeowners

Syracuse, N.Y. – Local officials today announced the expansion of grant and loan programs to help homeowners pay for repairs or renovations. The programs are administered by Home HeadQuarters, a nonprofit housing organization.


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Covid-19 emergency home repair grants: Bank of America is providing $100,000 to beef up this grant program, which provides income-eligible homeowners with up to $2,000 for emergency repairs such as replacing hot water tanks, repairing furnaces, and addressing other quality of life and safety issues. To qualify, you must have lost a job or substantial work hours because of the coronavirus pandemic. Home HeadQuarters said it already has more than 125 people on a waiting list.

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Solvay/Geddes home renovation loans: Homeowners throughout Geddes can now get loans of up to $25,000 for home renovations. The loans carry interest at 1% and are repayable over 10 years. They can be used for

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Congress should include practical, easy improvements to Social Security programs in next CR

a person sitting on a cart: Congress should include practical, easy improvements to Social Security programs in next CR

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Congress should include practical, easy improvements to Social Security programs in next CR

Recent reports indicate Speaker Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have reached an agreement to enact a clean Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30. A clean CR means the legislation will not have any “poison pills” attached to it, but even clean CRs typically have anomalies or adjustments for each of the federal agencies to deal with practical issues facing the agencies. The Trump administration has been reported to have a list of several anomalies it would like to see included in the CR, and the House and Senate appropriations committees are likely developing lists of possible adjustments to include in the CR.

Congress should add two specific adjustments to the CR to improve the administration of the programs run by the Social Security Administration (SSA). First, Congress should

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11 programs that help first-time homebuyers get a mortgage

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  • To qualify for a conventional mortgage, you typically need a 620 credit score, 36% debt-to-income ratio, and 10% down payment.
  • But there are programs that help first-time homebuyers get mortgages even if they don’t meet conventional loan standards.
  • You may be eligible for a government-backed mortgage, a conventional loan backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or a program specific to your state.
  • You can also get a special loan if your home requires significant repairs after moving in.
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Buying your home may feel like an insurmountable challenge, because you have to meet multiple requirements to qualify. Conventional mortgages typically mandate at

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