Netgear’s New Router Gives Secure Access To Corporate Networks For Home Workers

Now that so many of us are working from home, businesses are rightly worried about network security and data privacy. How can a business secure a worker’s internet connection without installing a second broadband connection?

One answer could be to install a secure router to the home broadband router and have that device reserved solely for business use. If the device could also have rock-solid VPN implementation, secure connection, plus remote management, that would be an affordable solution.

Networking giant Netgear is already on the case with a brand new and affordable router aimed at home workers. The new BR200 Netgear Insight Managed Business Router enables a worker at home or working from

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Two steps President Trump could take now to secure missile defense improvements

In his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination, President Donald Trump said that in a second term, “We will win the race to 5G, and build the world’s best cyber and missile defense.”

On the last issue — missile defense — there are actions President Trump can and should take now, with only a few weeks left until election day, to make necessary improvements.

First, reverse the Pentagon’s decision to give more authority over the Missile Defense Agency to the office of cost assessment and program evaluation (CAPE) while creating more bureaucratic oversight. These moves will create more obstacles to thwart the President’s agenda and will drastically slow MDA’s ability to develop and field missile defense capabilities to meet rapidly emerging threats.

We understand fully the intent to reduce risk in acquisitions, but the purpose of the MDA is to conduct research and development and deliver new and ever-evolving

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