Soon, City of Poughkeepsie residents will cast votes that will impact the future for themselves and their children.

Soon after, residents around the country will head to the polls for the general election.

The Poughkeepsie City School District is holding a bond vote on Oct. 20, two weeks before the Presidential election, asking residents to approve one of two capital improvement plans, which would either cost roughly $48 million or $98 million, depending on the option favored.

The propositions were originally planned to be included in the spring’s school budget votes, but the district removed them from the ballot amid the uncertainty of the opening months of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which all budget votes were delayed from May to June.

Dilapidated steps are pictured at Clinton Elementary School. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

Superintendent Eric Rosser acknowledged rescheduling the proposition vote so close to the general election could impact voter