Chilaquiles Straight from a Chef’s Home Kitchen

In December, Juan Sánchez, who was then a chef at Made Nice, Eleven Madison Park’s casual sister restaurant, started an Instagram account: @citlali_cocina. After five years in New York, Sánchez had noticed that the city’s Mexican food was mostly confined to the styles of a few regions, including Puebla, in central Mexico, and Oaxaca, in the south. Citlali Cocina would be a small way to highlight the cuisine of his home town, Guadalajara, and a place to collect ideas for the restaurant that he hoped to open someday.

Sánchez gets his corn tortillas from the Bronx and cuts them into postage-stamp-size squares before frying them. His salsa is made with tomatillos and two kinds of chilis.Photograph by Caroline Tompkins for The New Yorker

The first photo he posted was a glamour shot of a quesadilla, a pale corn tortilla topped with thick, melty strands of quesillo, a stretchy

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‘You’re in labour aren’t you?’: eventer welcomes baby son straight after show

An eventer who went into labour while attending a show has welcomed a healthy baby son, having made it to the hospital in the nick of time.

Cheshire-based Bonnie Fishburn had been at a show four miles from home with her husband Tom Hollins and miniature Shetland pony Mr Pegs on 20 September – a week before Bonnie’s due date.

“I woke up after midnight and it felt like I was having contractions 20 minutes apart. I had been having Braxton Hicks [false labour pains] earlier in the week so I put it down to the same thing and thought it was a false alarm,” Bonnie told H&H.

“At 6am I got up and bathed Mr Pegs for the show, didn’t tell Tom or my mum Lynn what had happened and we carried on to the show.”

Bonnie said as the morning progressed, the intervals between contractions became shorter.

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Give it to me straight: What do contractions really feel like?

Guys, there is so much to look forward to about pregnancy and birth: The adorable socks, that thing babies do when they grab your finger, and, you know finally getting that other living thing out of your stomach.

But wait…that requires actually pushing something the size of a watermelon out of your vagina (*cringe*). How the heck is that supposed to happen, you ask? Contractions. Here’s the lowdown on those ever-so-helpful (but ultimately painful) baby-pusher-outers.

I need a refresher: What are contractions?

“A contraction is just a squeezing of a muscle,” says Dr John Thoppil, an gynae at River Place OB/GYN and an assistant professor at Texas A&M University’s College of Medicine.

When you’re having a baby, that muscle in question is your uterus – and the harder that muscle squeezes, the more it hurts, says Dr Thoppil.

That muscle is

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Pumpkin carving ideas and advice straight from an expert

From Good Housekeeping

You might think you know how to carve a Halloween pumpkin but actually, there are a lot of handy tips and tricks that could level up your results and make the whole process a lot easier.

After reading this guide there’ll be no more pumpkin envy looking at your neighbour’s picture perfect doorstep display, while your lopsided and wilting lantern is being side-eyed by the kids.

To pull together everything you need to know for jaw-dropping pumpkins, from how to pick them to how to preserve them, Good Housekeeping enlisted the help of Natasha Guidon, of carving service YEG Pumpkins.

Natasha is a pumpkin carving enthusiast who turned her love of carving into a seasonal business – carving for brands, hotels, venues and private customers.

While you might not be quite ready to take on designs as intricate as Natasha’s, we’ve asked her what the novice carver

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