A financial planner says he saw 4 surprises while buying a home

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  • As a financial planner, Mark Reyes of Albert walks his clients through the financial side of preparing for home buying all the time. 
  • But four things were slightly different than he expected in the process of buying his own first home with his wife during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The pandemic created more competition for homes, and also meant many changes to the ways buyers are able to see potential homes. 
  • There are some parts of the process that are confusing even in normal times, like getting the right paperwork to mortgage lenders, and the escrow process before closing. 
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Buying a

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An Extensive Renovation Reveals Plenty of Design Surprises at This Stately Delancey Place Townhouse

The entrance and foyer.

Any home that’s more than 160 years old is bound to have a few secrets. The current owners of 1812 Delancey Place found that out firsthand while renovating their five-floor, approximately 5,000-square-foot townhouse a few years ago. But rather than letting surprises disrupt their plans, they welcomed the chance to repurpose original design elements. “We unearthed a window that had been walled up with several panes of pebble glass intact, black with dirt accumulated after more than a century,” says the lady of the house.

The kitchen is washed in natural sunlight

“We restored the glass and incorporated it into a custom-designed china cabinet door and in a transom window over the French doors leading into the kitchen.” She adds that they also “recycled” the original front doors for a doorway to a new kitchen pantry and restored all of the home’s brass hardware, including the

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