Home saliva COVID tests are just as accurate as nasal swabs

As the pandemic rages on, research on different types of coronavirus tests continues in an effort to increase testing capacity and minimize contact with others.

Many Americans are familiar with the uncomfortable experience of having a 6-inch cotton swab poked deep in their nasal cavities, but there are also tests that can be completed at home that involve a simple spit in a tube — and they are just as accurate and reliable as their more painful counterpart, experts say.

Ever since the first emergency use authorization was issued for an at-home saliva-based COVID-19 test in May, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued more for companies across the country.

Experts say they are easier to process in the lab, more comfortable for the patient and safer for health care professionals. The downside? Most at-home coronavirus saliva tests are costly, and in some cases, your insurance won’t cover the

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