How system disaggregation would reorganize IT, and how Arm may benefit

The phrase system disaggregation or server disaggregation refers to a design pattern for both manufacturing and deployment of a computing system whose component parts are constructed as individual units, and connected using network fabric instead of a system bus. Today, a computer’s motherboard incorporates a central processor, main memory, a chipset that manages the motherboard’s internal functions, interfaces to the other external components a computer may use (e.g., display, storage, networking), and a bus that acts as a circuit tying them all together.


Segment of “Broadway Boogie-Woogie” by Piet Mondrian, in the public domain.

A future computer might be built very differently. So long as network fabric (short-distance, high-speed interconnections over high-grade cables such as fiber) are at least as fast, if not faster, than a bus, then the components that were once rooted to a motherboard may become more loosely coupled — perhaps manufactured separately. In such a market,

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City of Longmont Ballot Question 3C: Water system improvements bonds

What it asks: Shall the City of Longmont be authorized to borrow up to $80,000,000 for the purpose of financing water system improvements, including but not limited to the Nelson Flanders Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project and replacement of aging water system infrastructure like treated water storage and raw and treated water transmission lines; and shall the borrowing be evidenced by bonds, loan agreements, or other financial obligations payable solely from the City’s water utility enterprise revenues and be issued at one time or in multiple series at a price above, below or equal to the principal amount of such borrowing and with such terms and conditions, including provisions for redemption prior to maturity with or without payment of premium, as the City may determine?

What it means: Longmont is asking voters’ authorization to sell up to $80 million in bonds — backed by a five-year schedule of water rates

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Wondercise Launches World-First Motion Matching Home Fitness System with Apple Watch Support

Set to revolutionize the fitness industry, Wondercise is the closest on-demand home workouts have come to scalable, virtual training with a personal touch.

Pioneering fitness technology startup Wondercise, creator of the world’s first home training system to analyze and compare user movements with those of an on-screen trainer in real-time, launches globally with Apple Watch and Garmin Wearable support.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Motion Matching technology brings the personal touch of taught classes to living rooms around the world (Photo: Business Wire)

Wondercise Motion Matching

Motion Matching – a feature missing from Apple’s Fitness+ service, enables users to maintain a focus on form, mirror trainers’ movements, and maximize workout results.

Wondercise offers unlimited access to over 50 classes at an affordable price, with sessions from trainers, including MMA champion Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino, fitness influencer Adam Frater, and experts across a huge range of

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Monument trustees approve $22 million financing plan to fund water system improvements | Thetribune

MONUMENT • The Monument Board of Trustees has authorized a major move to fund water improvement projects over the next three years.

At the board’s Sept. 21 meeting, they heard recommendations from town staff and special legal counsel regarding the potential for using the sale of revenue bonds to fund major improvements to its water system over the coming years.

However, instead of revenue bonds, it was recommended Monument create an ordinance to enter a site lease agreement and lease purchase agreement to market Certificates of Participation (COPs) — an alternate form of financing.

Town attorney Andrew Richey presented the finer details of the agreement, with bond counsel provided by Nate Eckloff of Piper Sandler and Kimberly Crawford of Butler Snow Law Firm. Both counsels recommended the certificates to help maximize the town’s budgetary flexibility in financing the water projects.

Presently, the town has a 2A water fund and an

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Tesla Model Y owners’ photos of ‘cobbled together’ cooling system

Owners of the new Tesla Model Y share photos of cooling system ‘cobbled together with home improvement store-grade faux wood’

  • Tesla’s Model Y shipped in March, but many buyers are not happy with the car
  • An owner shared an image of the cooling system patched with faux wood
  • Others shared similar images, with some having plain plastic fittings
  • However, early Model Y cooling systems show clear plastic patches

Tesla’s new Model Y vehicle costs more than $52,000, but it seems the firm ‘made a run to Home Depot’ for some the vehicle’s parts.

Images of the car’s cooling system surfaced online showing the structure is patched by faux wood trim.

The discovery was made by one owner who disassembled the Model Y to fix an issue, but spotted the DIY molding when

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Editorial, 9/24: Child welfare system, YRTCs still in need of improvements | Editorial

Statewide, caseload compliance was at 80%, down from 92%, a troubling decline that needs to be reversed as high caseloads not only create burnout and turnover, but are directly correlated to poorer outcomes for children and families.

More troubling, the report found that too many youth in the system have attempted or committed suicide, along with ongoing complaints about placing children outside their homes.

Dealing with potentially suicidal youth is difficult for caseworkers, who often don’t know of suicidal tendencies. That makes mental health assessment and counseling critical elements for every child in the system.

A recently developed informational brochure for families, however, clearly outlines the process and expectations, addressing some of the complaints about outside-of-home placements.

In stark contrast to the Department of Correctional Services’ attempt to restrict information and access to its inspector general, the report commended HHS Children and Family Services Director Stephanie Beasley for open and

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