Microsoft’s CEO is tired of working from home and he’s not alone


He’s tired of all those Microsoft Teams meetings.

Satya Nadella is asleep on the job.

No, I wouldn’t dream of criticizing Microsoft’s CEO. I did, however, see his words, uttered on Tuesday at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council: “Somebody once described this. When people say you’re working from home, it feels sometimes like you’re sleeping at work.”

It does? I’ve done it for quite a while and find it mostly enlivening.

Is Nadella finding it hard to keep his eyes open? This isn’t good for the CEO of a major organization, one that often delights the government.

He explained: “Thirty minutes into your first video meeting in the morning, because of the concentration one needs to have on video, you’re fatigued.”

Is this because too many meetings are dull? Is it because it’s harder to hide that you’re texting a friend about last night? Is it because you

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