Afghans stunned, worried by Trump tweet to bring home U.S. troops early

Taliban leaders have reacted with open delight, welcoming Trump’s Oct. 7 statement and reportedly telling CBS News that they hoped he will win reelection in November. The group’s top spokesman later said his comment to that effect had been “incorrectly” interpreted, after it set off a frenzy of controversy and was rejected by the White House.

But many Afghans and analysts say they fear that if Trump follows through, abruptly dropping the U.S.-Taliban agreement for a conditions-based and gradual pullout of the about 4,500 remaining U.S. troops by May, the country may plunge again into full-scale war and political mayhem.

“If the withdrawal takes place according to the tweet, it will create chaos. The peace process will collapse, and we will go back to square one,” said Ehsanullah Zia, a former senior Afghan official who heads the Kabul office of the U.S. Institute of Peace. “This is the only thing

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Why bankers are so worried about their small business loan books

That means that 57 per cent of people whose home loan deferrals were due to expire in September – some 22,900 borrowers owing a total of $8.7 billion – felt they were now in a position to meet their loan repayments.

As a result, the Commonwealth Bank has seen a gratifying improvement in its home loan book in the past month alone.

At the end of August, 9.8 per cent of its giant home loan portfolio (measured in terms of value) consisted of loans in deferral. By the end of September, this had dropped to 8.0 per cent. (This translates into some 93,000 home loans, with a combined value of some $37 billion.)

What’s more, October is likely to see a further steep fall in deferred home loans, with deferrals due to expire on some 52,000 home loans (worth a combined $20 billion).

If more than half of home loan

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Pregnant Jade Roper Is ‘Worried’ She’s Having Preterm Contractions

Asking for advice. Pregnant Jade Roper revealed she’s “worried” about heading into preterm labor ahead of baby No. 3.

“Anyone who’s had preterm labor contractions, can you tell me what they felt like please?” the Bachelor alum, 33, wrote on her Friday, September 18, Instagram Story. “The last two days I’ve had painful lower uterine contractions throughout times of the day. I’ve read to empty your bladder, drink water and lie on your left side for an hour, which I’ve been doing and it’s been helping. Been drinking tons of water. But they come back.”

The “Mommies Tell All” podcast cohost went on to write that she was planning to contact her “amazing” midwife despite her reluctance to do so.

Pregnant Jade Roper Is Worried She’s Having Preterm Labor Contractions Ahead of 3rd Baby
Courtesy of Jade Roper/Instagram

“I hate feeling like people think I’m dramatic or making a big deal out of things, so I’m not one to call and talk about my

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