Tate’s Army teams up with O’Donnell Ace Hardware Stores to promote lawn mower safety and prevention | Iowa Strong

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – The Tate’s Army Foundation is teaming up with O’Donnell’s Ace Hardware stores to focus on lawnmower safety and accident prevention.

In their lawn mower sections, the Ace Hardware stores will feature a full size cutout of Tate Manahl, featuring safety tips on lawnmower safety.

Over the past five years, young Tate Manahl of Cedar Falls has made an incredible recovery from the very serious injuries he suffered in a lawnmower accident in his back yard.

It happened in an instant on the evening of August 30, 2017. That was the night life, as they knew it, changed dramatically for the Manahl family of Cedar Falls.

Their son, Tate, who was just 3-years old at the time, got caught under the family’s riding lawn mower and suffered severe injuries which would require more than 30 surgeries.

Today, Tate is doing incredibly well, though he made need additional surgeries down the road.

Shortly after the 2017 accident, the family has established a new foundation.

Every year, there are some 250,000 lawn mower accidents in the United States. There were 300,000 in 2013, which was one of the worst years on record for lawn mower accidents.

17,000 children are injured in lawn mower accidents every year, and lawn mower accidents are the number one cause of childhood amputations.

On average, 13 kids a day go to an emergency room to be treated in a lawn mower accident.

Research shows more than half of all parents in the United States allow their children age 10 and under to ride on riding mowers.

The Tate’s Arm Foundation has been working with inventor John Brooks and his Little Feet Safety Systems. They are working together to prevent lawn mower accidents, by using sensing technology.

That sensor technology actually shuts off the mower engine when kids get too close to the mower.