The advantages of grass in the garden

More and more people are choosing to put stones in their garden instead of grass. However, this is not a good idea at all. We advise you to lay out grass in your garden because it has many more advantages! Would you like to know what these advantages are? Then read on, because we would like to tell you more about it.

A natural look

A big reason to choose grass in the garden is because it has a natural look. When you have nature in your garden it makes it easier to relax. If there are only stones in a garden, then this can give a very uneasy look to your garden. After all, your garden is there to relax in on a beautiful day, isn’t it? The natural look of green grass is certainly a reason to consider laying out grass in your garden. What’s more, is that grass has a nice smell that makes it even more relaxing to sit in your garden!

Low maintenance

Compared to a stone garden, grass is low maintenance. Stones have to be constantly scrubbed to keep them beautiful. Weeds also stand out immediately between the stones, so you have to remove that continuously as well. This is not the case with grass! At most you have to mow the grass once a week, but that is a piece of cake! In addition, you can easily control weeds with a moss killer and keep the grass beautifully green by using lawn feed. So generally speaking, you spend very little time maintaining grass.

Much better for the environment

In addition, grass is much better for the environment than stone. Grass plays a major role in the world in absorbing CO2. Subsequently, grass converts this CO2 into oxygen. So this is not to be missed nowadays, since we are already dealing with an enhanced greenhouse effect! In addition, grass also ensures that the soil remains fertile. To continue with the benefits for nature, grass also ensures that water can sink into the ground better. We could go on and on, but grass is by far better than stone!

Safer for children

If you’re still not convinced, we can also mention the advantage that grass is much safer for children to play on. When children fall on grass they fall softly and do not hurt themselves. That is, of course, a different story with stones!