The Home Improvement Team Wanted This Surprising Guest Star

Documents released from the White House revealed that then-first lady Hillary Clinton was being courted by the “Home Improvement” creative team for a guest appearance (via Politico). The “Home Improvement” team began to seek Clinton in 1995, while her husband, Bill Clinton, was in his first term as president. Notably, “Home Improvement” didn’t just want Clinton to star in an episode — they wanted her creative input! The document, a memo to Clinton’s then-chief of staff Maggie Williams, revealed that the folks behind the ABC series were willing to do an episode on any social topic that the first lady was interested in.

The memo to Williams suggested that the team should consider a guest appearance in order to boost Clinton’s relevancy. “The outreach would be enormous and it would present Hillary in a very likable light I believe,” the memo read. “Although I have some concerns that it diminishes the role of first lady by going on a TV sitcom, it is probably worth weighing it against what we believe we might be able to gain by such an appearance politically and image-wise.”

Ultimately, Clinton didn’t follow through with the “Home Improvement” cameo for unknown reasons. It is disappointing that one of America’s leading figures didn’t join forces with Tim Allen — it would have made for an iconic moment in television history. However, while that cameo didn’t pan out, First Lady Michelle Obama later appeared in “iCarly” and “Black-ish” (via IMDb).