Tim Allen Reflects On How Much He Loved Last Man Standing With A Behind-The-Scenes Photo

It’s been a little over a year since Tim Allen and Nancy Travis last graced our screens as Mike and Vanessa Baxter in the sitcom Last Man Standing, which wrapped its cancellation-split, nine-season run on Fox in May 2021. Myriad other high-profile series have been cancelled in the meantime, and 2022 as a whole is filled with shows coming to an end. But none of that necessarily makes it any more enjoyable to reflect on LMS not being around anymore, as indicated by Allen himself in one of the stand-up comedian’s more wistful social media posts of late. 

Tim Allen has already been quite busy in 2022 already, with both the Santa Clause streaming series coming to Disney+ and his latest show with Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn hitting History soon. But both of those shows having wrapped filming, and given that neither one of those projects’ formats compared to how Last Man Standing episodes came together, it’s understandable that the actor would feel pangs for the show without the need to go back into Baxter mode for a new season. Here’s how he reflected on missing the show on Twitter:

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