Tips for finding the right contractor for home repairs

Several communities are cleaning up from severe weather Wednesday. Here are some things to look for when shopping for a contractor to fix your damage.

RUSH COUNTY, Ind. — Storms and some potential tornadoes that blew through the area Wednesday have many Hoosiers preparing to pick up the pieces and seek out contractors to do repairs. 

Tornado watches and warnings were in effect across central Indiana for the better part of Wednesday. 

Rush County was among the many affected counties. First responders said a suspected tornado ripped through, damaging the roofs of both a fire station and elementary school as well as a handful of other buildings. And, in Madison County, the town of Summitville was shut down for a short time due to “considerable damage” from the storms. 

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So, if you live in these areas or in any of the other counties across the state that were hit by Wednesday’s storms, how should you go about getting the ball rolling on repairs? 

To find the right company, start by getting multiple bids. 

Not sure who to get bids from? Social media can be a useful tool. You can use social media and community groups like Nextdoor to see who your friends and neighbors use and trust. 

If you’re approached by a repair company, do your homework. Ask the company for references and look into their background. Some good questions to ask: Are they local? How many years have they been in business? 

Plus, check for reviews on the Better Business Bureau, the company’s Facebook page and Google. 

When you’ve found your contractor, map out payments you’re comfortable with and always avoid big upfront deposits. 

You’ll also want to ask for a lien waiver so if the contractor fails to pay the supplier, you’re not stuck with the bill. 

As a final tip, if you sign a deal you don’t feel good about, know that you have three days to cancel.