What The Cast Of Home Improvement Looks Like Today

“Tool Time,” the show-within-the-show on “Home Improvement,” wouldn’t have been the same without the Tool Time Girl Heidi played by Debbe Dunning beginning in the third season of the series. Like several other stars on the show, “Home Improvement” was a launching pad for Dunning, who took on several other television guest roles while she was starring on the ABC sitcom.  

After “Home Improvement,” Dunning took a bit of a break from television, in part to raise her three children. In 2017, she returned to television as the host and executive producer of “Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Roundup” on RFD-TV. In the series, which saw its third season premiere in 2021, Dunning travels around to dude ranches across the country to tell their stories. Dunning told Cowgirl Magazine, “The idea for the show came about for my love of dude ranching. There are so many incredible ranches across America that a lot of people don’t know about and I wanted to share my passion for these wonderful treasures.” 

Regarding her show, she said, “I approach each dude ranch or guest ranch individually and I have to pretty much sell my product,” noting, “My strategy is to tell the correct story, to do it authentically, to capture moments that are not set up, like when a father and a daughter get up and do karaoke.”